Why is matchmaking so one sided?

I’ve noticed every time I’m in matchmaking the other team has guys that are ranked higher than my team.


High command rank isn’t what determines matchmaking. It looks at wins and losses and matches based on that.

It’s better than it was. Still a broken matchmaking though.

I’ve had horrible games since yesterday. It was starting to feel rigged… I hope whatever decides the matchmaking improves since my last day or so has been hugely frustrating. I’ve tried playing support, ranged dps I’ve tried Ghalt to break up the enemy team… Nothing has worked. I have a high command rank but the matchmaking doesn’t seem to want to rebalance the game with easier opponents.


Where or who stated its based on wins or losses because from what I’ve seen is I’d be paired with a bunch of rank 9 and below and the other team would be ranked 25 and up. My team would basically lose in a capture game mode 1000-56.

Are you playing with a team or with Randoms?

Ya same deal here but total opposite I’m lvl 6 (or so stopped playing because of this) and the rest of my team was lvl 60+ and the opponents were 60+. It’s not fair to me when they have much more experience in the maps and with there character and how to deal with other characters in different situations. It’s also unfair for my team getting stuck with a beginner player that really doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing.

Command rank has zero impact on in game play other than possibly how many character you have unlocked(but all characters have two ways to unlock).

A level 100 CR who’s never played Rath has the same helix access that a level 1 CR who’s playing Rath for the first time.

On the flipside a CR 15 with a Master of Rath title would, most likely, dump on the CR 100 level 1 Rath.

I be honest I get really confused when people complain about this. I’m rank 29 Now on ps4 and I played the beta. Yeah sometimes the matches are unbalanced and it sucks but that’s what surrendering is for. And for me most of the games I play are fun and fairly balanced. Idk maybe I’m lucky but I’ve for the most part avoided all the common things people complain about matchmaking.


You know for fact that’s false if I was rank 100 you best believe I would be buying the epic box which contains epic gear mods and those gear mods can make the game unbalanced.

Uhhhhh…cept it’s not a fact.

Who care if you got a good legendary item from a pack, chances are only a handful of BB would actually benefit using it and maybe it’s not the ones you want to play.

Also, most players in PvP don’t use legends as they are very expensive to activate and generally building turret/minions wins the game. They use greens blues and hell even whites sometimes.

Sorry but CR is a total non factor in this game at least for PvP.

  1. When a player is in CR100 he has so much experience in game that a new player didn’t have -> Unfair machmaking
  2. If a CR100 player never played whit wrat he won’t will playing wrath especially not staring in a pvp match (i think)
  3. A CR100 player has so much and so much usefull gear than a CR8 peapole ->…

And look at this team tell me this is not a one sided match.

Playing with/against people better than you will make you a better player. I’ve been on teams where I was CR 100, and the others were below 50, all randoms. Opposing team were a 5 man pre made all CR 90+, we stomped them. No one had a mic, we just played. CR is just ONE of the many variables in this TEAM based game. As of last night out of roughly 240 matches played, I have 148 wins, all solo que. And yes, I have been on the other end of the stick many times. I have had 0-12 games as thorn, my main. In the almost 200 hrs I have in this game, matchmaking has never really seemed bad to me. The newbies have to start somewhere, and if they get matched with me, I make the most of it and communicate the best I can.

Its not?

I’ve won many games with similar differences in CR levels on teams. Spamming braindead PVE matches over and over again to grind out levels doesn’t make you good at PvP at all.

You have to remember though that CR isn’t just based on pvp some people are lvl 100 but have played mostly PVE and they have about as much experience as a lvl 8 player who strictly plays pvp.

I’ve noticed in matchmaking that it first builds a team of 5 players, and then once you have your team of 5, it looks for another team of 5 players that has been built.

I think this is where the big issue comes in with unbalanced sides. Maybe they should build a team of 10 players, and then split the teams up to get balance? (obviously taking into account people who are in parties together and not splitting them up)

I bring this up because the last game I played last night my team was composed of me at lvl 52, and then two at 2, one at 3 and one at 4. The opposing team’s lowest player was 76, and they had two at 100.

As expected, we were completely ROFL stomped. I was quite impressed with our level 3 who was Miko, and the one level 2 did very well trying to help with the lane. The other level 2 and level 4 I honestly think they had no idea how Incursion worked yet as they kept dying for no point and were running around aimlessly. It could of been their first PVP game for all I know. They didn’t have mics so I couldn’t help them.

My point is that I really don’t think Match making is doing its job when a game rolls out like this. And it isn’t like we were being starved of players, as I seldom wait more than 15 seconds to get into a game. (Playing on XOne) I am a software developer myself, and with my limited knowledge on how Matchmaking should work, I can already think of many ways to improve on this. I think GB just need to relook at it, and maybe try not to prioritize how fast you get into a game over how balanced the games you create are.