Why is matchmaking unbalanced all of a sudden?

Could anyone answer this for me? I’m level 59 and pretty okay at the game (modesty) but after a night of getting matched with full teams that barely break level 22 with some not even in double digits and just getting steamrolled by a bunch of random 90+ level opponents because my team hasn’t learned the game yet makes me want to put the game down. I’ve been on the side that does the steamrolling too and either way it just feels like a waste of time. I know the game is new still but this week especially has felt like this.

matchmaking is not based on your command rank, that’s just the only number you see when teams get arranged.

depending on matchmode and your past, you have a hidden elo.

Say you have played only story mode and hit lvl 100. You have supposedly the same ELO score for PVP as a lvl 2 dude that starts his first round of PVP too.

command ranks do not show skill or anything else besides: time put into the game.

After lvl 15 or so. everyone is more or less in the same boat skill and gear wise.

It’s when teams of all under 10’s get stuck going up against premades of all 50+ where the system shows its flaws.

More experience with a wider range of characters and roles? Helix mutations unlocked that can be arguably game changing depending on the character? Understanding character counters? Match objectives? General tactics, i.e. when to stand and fight and when to retreat depending on your skills, cooldowns, enemies and allies present and their skills. Having a ton more gear to access?

Seriously, let’s stop pretending that CR means nothing.

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Matchmaking is currently broken af and I’m finding it difficult to actually enjoy BB at the moment because of it.

It really doesn’t. I mentioned this in another thread, I was partied up with a CR7 who was able to play as Marquis and Miko and he happened to be better than anyone else we played against, including multiple CR100s. I also have a few people on my friends list that are god awful as level 100, not to mention if I try out a new character, chances are I won’t do great, and a level 15 could very easily outplay me. My favorite character also unlocks at CR6, so just because you don’t have Ghalt unlocked doesn’t mean you’re missin much, I’m personally terrible playing as him.

I agree, CR matters. It is quite noticeable how much better people with higher CR usually do. It is safe to say more often than not, CR matters. Cherrypicking specific examples of low CR players doing well means not a whole lot more than that player was simply good and low CR. I have seen low CR players perform well, but I can confidently say that most of the time I see a better performance from my high Cr teammates.

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First: This is based off opinion, observation, and “feelings”, so not scientific.

I think that the game works as such:

  1. I queue up
  2. The game looks for other people similar to my “level” (elo or whatever)
  3. The longer I wait, the more random the people it pares me with.
  4. steps 1-3 are happening for another team
  5. The game shrugs and pairs the first two teams together in queue.
  6. Game ends
  7. Repeat

Reasons for thinking this? I routinely see levels 90-100 paired together vs levels 30-60

I’m finally above 60 myself, so I rarely see people below level 30

There’s been an influx of new players from the recent sale as well. It’s probably having a hard time putting them with enough fellow newbies so its just tossing them in with veteran players.

Sucks but eh, only lasts so long until the newbs are no longer newbs. I’m happy for more players, just have to suck it up through losses sometimes heh.

And overall player population is down, which makes it harder to find people of similar skill level in timely fashion.