Why is Mord your Favorite?

I find I keep coming back to play BL 1 and find Mord is the most fun to play.

I think it’s his character and I somehow relate to Mord, his comments and remarks. But also the balance as to his skills and use of assorted weapons. And of course there’s also Bloodwing!!



Lilith has always been my favorite. The class mod that boosts her SMG damage is beastly.

Mordecai is cool but I played him the least, believe it or not. Even though I like sniping. But I’ve been revisiting BL1 on my macbook on the metro ride recently. So I might give him another try soon.

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From range, of course.

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I agree about Lilith’s SMG boost - she’s killer with the SMG and my 2nd Fave to play in BL1!!

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  1. He has an amazing AS.
  2. His laugh when you score a cit, just perfect.

Yes, exactly! And “What? You didn’t like that?” <-- Perfect!

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Why is he my favorite? Tons of reasons.

Pistols. Machine and revolvers.
His maniacal laugh.
Lethel ■■■■■■■ Strike.
Hes adorable.
And his quotes are perfect.


Positive reinforcement chain and player agency. To explain more simply, Mordecai uses (comparatively) slow firing highly accurate weapons that rely on you aiming properly, and when you hit, you receive immediate gratification in the form of critical hit animations.

Thank you Mr. Spock!

No seriously - “I Love it!”~Mordecai

His quotes are all goddamned amazing.
“What do we have here?”
If I was a lady, I’d NEVER play another toon.


because he’s just like me. I NEVER DIE!

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Well, he became my main BL1 character awhile ago. I only need a Assassin COM (I believe it was called) and it’ll be perfect to use the Serpens he found.

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Yes, that quote is perfect aswell.

@0takuMetalhead- I like you. Assassin kicks ass! (There are 3 asses in that sentence)

I started Mordecai because I’m drawn to sniper/rogue characters, and I mained him because of Mashers and corrosive damage. Bloodwing too.

Simply put: I love revolvers, both IRL and in games; and Mordecai is perfect with revolvers, although I’m looking for an excuse to main revolvers for Brick. I used to snipe a lot when I had just BL1, but BL2 made me love melee as well, so I’ve been rolling with a melee–gun hybrid build for Mordecai. I will admit, though, that Mordecai tends to get the spotlight a lot, and I haven’t seen people talk enough about Brick.

Edit: I don’t mean to potentially stray off the course of this topic, but has anyone here ever rolled with the Truxican Wrestler mod for Mordecai?

I know Kitty Jo has.

I found a near maxed one from Craw (yeah appertly he drops them), and fooled around on Zombie island

A whole playthrough would cool, but it’s too hard getting one.

If they are going to make significant changes to Bl1 in the rumoured Re-Master, adding Knoxx COMs to the general loot pool would be one I’d endorse.

Along with altering bladed pistol melee and fixing the Reaper. Then Truxxi Mord would be unstoppable.

fixing the reaper would be the shizznit,

I have. Im like a walking endorsment for the Truxican Wrestler com. So underrated. So much fun. Especially in Zombie Island. Ah I havent done that in a while. I think Im going to boot up my Truxicai today.


Saaweet! I made it to level like 15 with a legit truxican playthrough. I did another one with the bandit user created buzzaxe and for a while was fun, but the thing does too much damage to make it fun and balanced.

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I like him because, with the right gear, knoxx is a few shots away for all your armory needs! Also the laugh is awesome of course.