Why is moze the most picked character (from what I've seen)

Everyone I know is playing Moze. I know she is cool and all, but all she is only a mech.
It’s like if Salvadore had three skills and it is “gunzerk with rockets” “gunzerk with pistols” “punch”.
she was like my 3rd pick.

I want to know why all of you guys love her so much.

Fl3k is the statistically highest chosen character by far, followed by Moze.

There was an interesting article and polling done years ago in the World of Warcraft community about why pet classes are the most picked class by newer players.

Edit: Fl3k and Moze are also super cool(as are all the vault hunters).

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shes the only one thats any fun to play

She kinda isn’t. Iron Bear has a pitiful uptime and twice the cooldown of any other ability.
I personally plan to play her last since she only has one skill tree that looks interesting to me since ammo is plentiful and AoE isn’t all that useful. To me, Moze is the “Vanilla” option. More focused on standard gunplay and being a stereotypical soldier. Granted, I have yet to play her past level 8 so I may be missing some good stuff, but she doesn’t really spark my interest.

Now FL4K… my first experience with the co-op in this game was joining a team with 3 of them. They are a VERY popular character. Which is odd because I’ve died more with my level 10 FL4K than I have with my level 34 Amara.


Infinite ammo, and incendiary damage, iron bear useless, imo, end game, just a oh sh!t button to hit to regen shields.

I see more fl4k than anything else, i’m still trying to break the habit of trying to shoot their pets thinking they are enemies.

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What is your sample size?

The only peeps I really care about are my spouse and a couple we play with. So far:
Player 1: Moze most often, Zane occasionally
Player 2: Tried Zane, not crazy about that character, likes FL4K, also plays Amara
Player 3: Amara. Period. No interest (yet) in any other character.
Player 4: FL4K (has two of them), and also plays Amara.

You can take these and play with statistics in many funky ways, but really what it boils down to is:

If it’s fun for you, play it - and -
Lots of people play around with and enjoy multiple characters.

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Well, the reason I’m playing as Moze is because my daughter already called Zane, and then she wanted me to play Moze. Go figure.

This is true at low levels. But if you throw some points into Deadlines and Stainless Steel Bear, then Iron Bear’s uptime is pretty significant (and sometimes much longer than I actually need).

There are also a couple skills that lower the cooldown (Grizzled and Explosive Punctuation), but I haven’t invested in them yet to determine their effectiveness.

I will agree that Moze is a “vanilla” option, with variations based more on gear rather than on skill trees.

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You know how jacobs richochets every time you get a crit? now imagine that, with every shot you shoot being a critical hit. or even better, having a Bangstick shotgun and the perk that gives you a chance to get ammo whenever you crit. switch to sticky mode, fade away, and for as long as fadeaway lasts(8 seconds or more), you can put as many sticky shots as you want. then detonate, and delete every enemy

The reason why certain characters are picked more often usually comes down to perceived gameplay.

This game is advertised as shoot and loot, so Amara is going to be a second or third choice for many people because she’s perceived as a melee character.

Zane isn’t chosen very often because there’s no clear role for him. He’s not a sniper nor is he a heavy brawler. He’s like choosing Han Solo in a Star Wars game. Whose going to pass up on being a Jedi or Sith for playing as Han? Whose going to pass up on being a tank or a cannon and choose to be Zane in a shooter?

And that leaves Moze and Fl4k. The tank and the cannon.


Yea, but why work so hard for a 1/5 chance at a crit when I can ALWAYS deal a huge amount of extra damage with Amara’s elements adaptability? Infusion is queen. See an enemy with shields? Swap to Electric and deal twice the damage. Flesh? Fire for 1.5x damage.

Also, my point with that comment wasn’t that FL4K is weak. My comment was simply that FL4K’s pet didn’t seem to be helping with their survivability. I have no doubt that FL4K is a damage beast, but I’ve died a grand total of 6 times with Amara and I’m level 42 now (first death was when I was maybe lvl 19?). I’ve died 5 times with FL4K and I’ve only hit level 10 with them. Might just be circumstances, but in my time with them, I rarely see enemies target FL4K’s pet.

FL4K was winning in most pre-release polls, followed by Moze in 2nd, Zane in 3rd, and Amara in 4th. Not sure about in-game because I haven’t played any multiplayer yet.

I chose Moze because I like her design and personality, and fell in love with her Shield of Retribution skill tree as soon as I saw it.

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I mean for me I always start with a female character in any game when available, so I only had two options in bl3.
I didn’t go with Amara because I know I’d just play her exactly like I played Maya and I want something different this time.

Moze was my first pick for my first playthrough. She looked like she’d do well on big bosses since I like my first playthrough to be solo for story reasons. I like how getting into iron bear gave me that extra shielding and the ammo regen was fun with some of the larger mag guns. Aside from a few hiccups, (iron bear not having enough space etc) I really enjoyed playing around with her different skills. :grinning:

I chose Moze because I thought she would be the most likely to play as the gunzerker/dual wielding nisha.

I ran FL4K to lvl 50 first, then started a Moze but only got her to lvl 14 before switching to Amara. I reached lvl 50 on Amara today and like playing with her the best so far.

I haven’t really noticed. FL4K is my favourite and main, then Amara. I plan to get each class to 50 eventually.

I have a fifty Zane and Amara. And a Moze I started a little while in. Her set up is really fun. Whereas Zane is about create chaos and making sure nothing makes sense so he can wreck, and Amara is about creating an elemental hell for everything around her, Moze has this strange clinical Mayhem to her. Lots of stuff to manage, and being able to turn all splash and criticals into bonus Arson is fantastic. A good shock Torgue shot could turn a shield into nothing and catch a bish ablaze.

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Moze is bae.

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“but all she is only a mech”
“but all he is only a drunk with a flying toy”
“but all she is only a muscle lady”
“but all he/she/it/bagel is only a bunch of animals”

I picked Moze first because explosions > everything. Then come muscles, which is why I’m using Amara right now.

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I feel picking up guns and going out for gunfight are really satisfying in this game. And for that matter, Bottomless Moze offer me a whole new dimension.

For instance, you can’t use Vladof heavy rifles with other characters due to fast ammo depletion and painfully long reloading. With Bottomless Mags, you are an ammo-free walking auto-cannon.

Same to my fav Dahl weaponary and Jacobs pump-action shotguns. I feel better in those conventional guns in purple, compared to most legendary weapons in weird special effects. While I found Phasebeserker Amara is also blasting fun with those weapons, no match to Bottomless’s nonstop firing. Even better, 2x ammo consume seems a lot more viable for Bottomless Moze, making purple guns into beasts in her hands.

So yeah, I play her as a gunner. Sometimes it’s more fun than military fps games out there. I think Borderlands 3 made a great step regarding the gunfight. Bottomless Mag is a pinnacle of it, to me.

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