Why is my favorites/junk not working like it should?

I only just started playing BL3 on the ps4 a couple days ago (awesome :smiley: ) but I’m a little bummed cause I’m having trouble with the favorite/junk option for backpack items. I can set something to be junked, but if I compare a weapon (I’m big on comparing) the junk status for that item goes away. I’ve exited out out of my backpack and found that in some cases, the junk status would be back on the ones I had planned to junk! Is this just how BL3 is, or is it a bug/glutch they still haven’t worked out? I love BL so I’ll still play, but it’s bringing me down all the extra time it’s taking me.

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It’s a relatively new bug. It’s visual only, but my fave/junk icons vanish in the same way. Swapping tabs or exiting the menu fixes it, though. I’d suggest submitting a ticket, in case they’re still trying to fix bugs, but honestly it feels like every patch adds new ones, so they might not. At least it’s only visual, not resetting the fave/junk status.