Why is my FotF not firing?

I just reached level 50 with Krieg and went back and did the Enkindling in TVHM, and wanted to give my new FotF a spin. I don’t see myself gaining shields, but yet at some point, it stops firing. I am trying it in Pete’s Barroom Blitz, and it does fire quite a bit, but I eventually it stops, and I’m pretty sure I’m constantly under fire. I haven’t specced into Hellborn yet, but I do have about +9.5 seconds shield delay. Does Rampaging reset the shield? Or something else?
thanks much

It stops firing as soon as it starts recharging. You said you have a long shield delay, but do you have that reduced by BAR stats? Did you spec into Feed The Meat (reduces delay)?

Yes, I have 9/5 FtM and 5/5 EtP. I can’t see why it’s recharging, unless those drunks in Pete’s are actually missing me.

I’d check to see what your actual shield delay is - pretty easy to strip your own shield and then time it once you stop taking damage.

If you keep moving all the time (which you should be with melee and FotFH), it’s quite possible!

Probably this. You’re likely also getting shot as it is recharging, which prevents it from charging to full. It won’t start firing again till it fully recharges and then breaks again.

So, if your shield charges to half, and then is drained, you’ll have to wait for the full delay before it starts charging again. If this cycle repeats once or twice, you can go a long time without novas firing.

Once it starts recharging, be sure to take cover or avoid damage till it hits full. Not easy to do in the crowded little bar room.


Ah! That explains it probably. Thanks!