Why is my game crashing

How do I fix Borderlands 3 from crashing? You play on mayhem 4-6 the game is freezing loads and kicking me off the game or the sound goes like your on a aeroplane And even the Xbox totally turns off please help or put a fix in place I love borderlands games played them all

Sorry for your problems but as you can tell you are far from the only one with this issue. Some of us have been asking for a fix since the games release but nerfs and buffs took priority over game fixes.


So borderlands is just gone to trash now then I was on borderlands 1-2 after it crashed and turned off my Xbox and even they have issues on them lol come on gear box just fix the game and leave the little issues alone

At this point I believe they don’t have the capability/don’t know how to fix the game entirely. They continue adding to this mess but it needs an overhaul. Especially now since mayhem 2.0 which was a huge blunder.