Why is my loot gone? Call of the deep mission bug

So I just completed the call of the deep side mission. The crane pulls up and inside is a loot chest. Some enemies spawn so I go to take them out before accessing the chest. I kill them all , come back , and the chest is gone! The door to it still closed. Wtf?! Am I unlucky or what? Does anyone else know about this?


The same thing just happened to me. I am on an Xbox One though. I looked at a vid on YouTube to see if I missed anything unique. I couldn’t read the tags, but it was full of artifacts. I’m guessing I would have appreciated at least a couple of those. I love Borderlands 3. I have ****-tons of fun with it, but this kind of thing really grinds my gears. I hope someone who can help restore the crate replies. Until then, sorry… I am in the same boat.

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same thing happened to me, after the quest already bugging out because i killed the enemies before starting the quest. a shame it is still this buggy.