Why is my PS4 update giing so slow?

My download speed right now is maxed for what I pay at 24.75 Mbps and yet the download is moving at 1MBps earlier it was at least at 4 or 5. it’s been 3 hours and now I have to wait another 3 hours.

Anyone know what’s going on here?

Restart your PS4, that worked for… When from 81 mins, to 6 mins after a restart… Hopefully you’re sorted by now, but if not, I hope this helps

Mine is going incredibly slow. Every time I restart is picks up speed for a while but then slows downs again

Yeah, I just tried the restart and got the same result. Still 3 hours but it appears to be going faster. It must be server side.

The servers can’t handle the amount of people trying to download the update.

Not true, if the servers can’t handle all of the 300 people still playing, or less after their money grab last ditch effort micro transactions…

I don’t know. I just checked back in and it was half way done so maybe it sped up again. I did another restart.

Just that half of the people left playing have uninstalled, when they seen the uodate in their downloads

You seem to know a lot, are those 300+ people your friends that you can personally speak for?? I thought not…

Ignore him I just looked at his post history and from the way it looks he’s never said anything but bad things since he joined the forums a couple of days before launch…not trying to say anything about him just trying to inform you so you can just ignore it next time

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Lol nope. Bc I started playing and posting like 3 weeks ago, don’t lie

mine on xb1 downloaded in less than 5 mins. I do have a 100 mbs connection though. not sure if its the servers that limit the download when the peak are auto downloading them or differs per connection mbs.

My bad all the ones pre launch were about bb tap…I’m not tryin to talk bad about you, but you don’t have alot of good things to say about this game(which is fine everybody has their own opinions)but I wish you and everybody else would find a constructive way to make your complaints known instead of all the hate and toxicity. There are some of us who actually cares about this game and want to see it succeed but with all the hate going on its hard for us who actually want to have a nice calm conversation about the game to do so.

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It’s not going to succeed especially with these updates and nerfs. Legendaries useless now, means why farm story. Half game obsolete now.

I traded in bb, now on overwatch and it’s a far superior multiplayer game experience in every way. I used to like bb until they didn’t fix issues and nerfed and ruined anything good about it.

I loved the gear and gear farming… btw

Well I seriously hope u have fun with that game. To me personally its a twitch shooter with nothing new except for a few of the characters. If I want to play a twitch shooter ill play cod. But If that’s what your having fun with then by all means go have fun that’s what its all about, however if your no longer playing this game please dont be on here bashing it just for the sake of bashing it. I wouldn’t go to the ow forums and talk crap about that game and all I’m asking for is that same type of respect on these forums, I dont have a problem with people who want to see the game get better and give negative feedback to help them make the game more enjoyable, but you’ve already said your not going to play this game anymore you done sold your copy soo please let the rest of us enjoy it. Thanks…and seriously I hope you have fun playing ow as a gamer I just want everybody to have fun