Why is my second playthrough with alt character so much easier

I had a first plkay through (2 actually, also one in TVHM+Mayheam) with Amara.
Initailly Boss fight were difficult, I did Traunt so many times.

This time, with Moze, it’s much easier, just ravaged Captain Traunt first try.
But my guardian levels bonus are like a few +10% (in cooldown, I got +5% in gun damage), how could this make much of a difference?!

Confused! :open_mouth:

It doesn’t. You probably didn’t level your first few characters efficiently and/or got used to the game and figured out the important things for you.


Yeah… could be… that’s strange… hahah

Yeah, more knowledge of mechanics, better directional orientation and the ability to plan ahead all contribute to better success. This is also a life lesson. My next life, I’m so totally getting gold items by level 20


Not strange, my first couple times were hard too but then I figured out the guns I like, the good talents/skills and boss mechanics. Then ez pz.

Also there is the Guardian rank. Some perk really help.

But overall skill does it. I’m at my third character (reached 48 yesterday), i know the map by heart, the ennemies animation by heart, the different weapon archetype by heart … it sure help.

  1. I forgot this. Good point. That had a huge effect on some things (ffyl revive=fill health and shields)
  2. Off topic: is there a way to turn them off like bl2? I have a challenge run idea and don’t want the benefits

Oh well… after year of plateauing at OverwatchI, was surprised to improve so markedly! :smiley:

PVE shooter really aim improving the aim since it’s easier, but also more important. It help developing some reflexes

Oh yeah FFYL is so very useful! :slight_smile:
But I didn’t use it against Trump! :smiley:

Theres both, you know the strategy to bosses (first time you fight Truant, you dont know what his health/shield/armour is, so you go in with random weapons, second time, you are going in with radiation/shock and fire. and you know how to dodge his abilities), and you have guardian ranks now.

Plus moze is really good.

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Might be that once you know what to do, execution is not that hard…
But first time was so stressful and full of unknown! :open_mouth: :slight_smile:

And yeah, Maybe Moze is good! :slight_smile:
She doesnt have self heal but… Getting into the mech heal you full, that’s cool! :slight_smile:

yeah. I remember graveward was hard lol. he always does
Tilt spit
slam on right side(with his left hand).
etc.(Ive forgotten the rest of the pattern because he usueally is on the ground dying by this point.)

Actually when you jump the tilt does nothing!
You heard that Graveward? You got nothing!

I know, He just spits at us. and he exposes his chest(gimme them crit spots boy). sometimes it doesnt let you jump, and its dumb. plus if you are too close to the front, you get yeeted off the map.