Why is no one using a mic?

I haven’t played many games, but up to level 5 at this time.
I have yet to have ANYONE use a mic except my friend and me who join matches together.
I know that I am sending and receiving correctly since my friend can hear me and I can hear him. As well as it is like people respond to my announcements about incoming on a lane etc.

We are PC players. Why on earth would you not have a setup where you can use your system to its fullest.
A mic can be bought for $3. Heck a Headset and Mic setup can be bought for $25.

Communication is the key to winning.

Whats your take on this?

I dont know but I tryed using it and got called names trying to call stuff in game. Soooo I’m done unless I make a group myself. I’m on the PS4 though.

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Some of us had our mouths busted in battle, the real world Borderlands.
I can’t even talk on a stinkin phone.

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Ignore the name callers, there’s fewer of those than there are people who will appreciate the communication. Especially in PvP, communication is key.
Personally, I can’t understand it when people play a team competitive game (let’s face it, PvP is a competition first and foremost) while mute. But that’s just me.

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Well, it doesn’t help that PS4 (and I assume Xbone) in-game voice chat is hot garbage. I’m always in a party.

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This made me laugh, thanks for that lol.