Why is pc matchmaking dead?

this includes coop, it seems each time i try searching there is noone to pear up with. so it seems that im stuck trying to do solo the whole time. which can be tiresome.

because there are almost never more than 100-250 players online at the same time. most of them will already be in a match or maybe even just in the menu. sadly that’s just not enough for a fast matchmaking.

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I’m sorry I just found this funny

This game never had the greatest steam cooperation. And never had many people stuck around as they could move on easily and this game requires devotion. It’s a wasteland. There’s still ten mans from what I’m hearing but most people are going it alone or with set up groups. There’s a discord you can use to meet up with people

Good luck!


Yea it’s sad. You can find matches fast if you have a set group but most of the time you will face the same people. Good thing is that you will notice a lot more new people but I guess that aren’t sticking around for long when it takes awhile to find a match

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I usually just team up with 5 random friends as soon as I get home and from 5AM to 2AM MST I never have problems with MM. Get them pretty non-stop. It gets dead fast for a bit if groups with blatant hacks are thrown into the mix but most people have everyone else on friend list so they just leave queue and wait until they either get a match or leave… or they’ll group up and 10-man for a bit.

I never seen anyone with hacks in a long time. :frowning:

I’d tend to agree for the most part. Only seems to happen in short spurts… I don’t know much about the psychology of cheating but it supposedly makes games real boring real fast after the initial high wears off, what with any sense of challenge being removed, so it makes sense that they’d generally be more transient players.

Also, to be fair, we’ve all probably played with and against cheaters without realizing it. Only the smallest percentage of truly moronic players or absolute trolls are blatant enough to be called out. Since most are the pathetic kind who actually need people to believe they’re just consistently god-tier players all of a sudden, they never take it to the level where it’s obvious… just dubious. The less someone actually understands the game though, the more obvious it is so there’s a few in my friend list who think they’re fooling people but they’re not.

Oh… I see. Honestly this may sound bad of me but I wouldn’t mind facing a group of 5 hackers to see how well I do against them. Cool thing about this game is you can counter hackers with team comps. But yea, I remember back in the day when just starting once every blue moon I would encounter a marquis who would stand still snapping back and forth hitting nothing but crits but haven’t seen anything like that in a long time. They must have went to OW


Apparently because of Blizzard’s firm stance on cheating, we’re getting em back here again XD

I definitely don’t see many blatant aimbots like what you’re describing but there are a few who still consistently appear in MM… sometimes with new names. One of em is on some of my friends’s friend lists and they toggle to varying degrees from day to day. Sometimes they’ll go 0-30 (actually, not kidding) then the next day they’ll be 325325-0 while still playing just as horribly, from a technical perspective. Actually doesn’t seem to realize people know when he’s cheating. We just force D/C when we see him for the most part.

Stuff like this is why I have a hard time taking any form of competitive PC gaming seriously… when people can do it and get away with it in a LAN environment, you know esport is ■■■■■■ in general. Just makes me sad that people feel the need to be that way in pub and casual as well.

Wish you can tell me his name so I can go full try hard next time. It’s a small world out there anyway lol. If other people hack just beat them with pure skill. :slight_smile:

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Whoo that must be a long session


Probably not the person being referred by theavarchivist, but anytime a certain DJ shows up, feel free to turn up the heat. =P


Ima Busta-em up


There’s a segment of the pc population that likes to crap on other players. They are among the most experienced players and you will typically encounter 3 or more of them at a time. Newbies often think they are cheating because they don’t understand how these people are blowing them up so quickly. If you ask some of these people directly, they will deny that some people cheat while pointing the finger at others. Which is what I think led to this match:

-image removed by PH-

I played against this team twice with 2 different teams. The first had 2 beginners who quit out of the match after about a minute. The second was a group of random more experienced players, but we seemed to be getting the try hard treatment and surrendered after a couple of minutes.

Imagine you were brand new and just trying the game out. How long would you stick around under these conditions? Tv


Yeh we faced them too. Most of them I never see outside of tryhard death squad pub stomping. Been like that since I first started playing the game and it does wonders for the health of PC matchmaking.

I heard this was a PvP boss squad. However I do believe they used characters they don’t use often and I hear they quit after that one.

You call us a tryhard pubstomping death squad but what the hell do you do… I have NEVER seen you outside of a 5 queue. Just because you lose in a 5stack v 5stack doesnt mean that we’re pubstompers and if it does, you pubstomp just as much as us.


I have been called “cheater” and “hacker” so many times in this game but I’ve never used such cheap methods on console. it has to be very hard for the pc community to find a match. Hopefully if the new patch is successful on bringing and keeping more players the situation becomes better.

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There’s a big difference between being in a 5-stack of w/e the hell is online and only ever being in pretty much the exact same 5-stack of hardcores you know no one has a hope in hell of ever beating… Also, when we see a team full of lowbies we roll w/o support, go full squish, and don’t deathball roflstomp them in general with few exceptions (eg friend msgs and tells us someone on the team was being an asshat). You guys play the same way whether you’re playing a 5-stack or a team of rando lowbies and you’ve been doing it since I started playing 700 hours ago.

There are a lot of people who intentionally avoid doing what you do… it’s ■■■■■■■ poison to an already struggling PC community. Only the most resolute of new players are gonna put up with going from a match with a blatant skid to a match against deathballers chasing KDR, spawncamping, and doing all the lovery other unsporting things that make some matches so trolly.

In order of things that kill PC matchmaking it goes: You guys (when your’e on) > Blatant Cheaters > MM team balance issues.


what, djbusta hacks? nah…

@icee i wouldn’t call av’s 5stack pubstompers since they never win…