Why is Pendles labelled as complex?

His helix seems pretty straightforward. Am I missing something?

I remember reading once on the forums that “Complex” indicates a character with many skill-helix interactions and adaptions, whereas “Simple” characters have relatively few. But even so, these tags have no real meaning in the present game - Mellka, for example, has to reload to fire a canister to venom an enemy in order to Spike it to apply Wound, a more involved debuff process than any other BB goes through, yet she’s classified as “Simple.”

I recall that explanation, too, but I don’t see any complex interactions in his helix. It all seems simple, like more damage or less cooldown. That’s why I am wondering if I am missing out on something.

My guess is that they decided that managing the stealth mechanic, with its line of sight requirements etc, made him Complex. And maybe it’s an acknowledgement that he’s a situational character who needs a keen understanding of the various escapes and defences of the cast, or else he’s liable to die if he tries to engage.

I don’t necessarily agree that makes him more complex than the characters branded Simple and Advanced, but they’re not very useful labels anyway :confused:

So the easy, complex, advance are a throwback to classic MOBA games. They refer to how helix choices interact with each other and how they change playstyle.

Easy- helix choices don’t have much impact on future helix choices and changes very little about gameplay. Think of Orendi or Rath, their play still doesn’t change based on which helix you take.

Complex- there is some synergy between helix choices and changes the way you play the character. Shayne is the perfect example. Depending if you want to focus on more melee or more boomerang, you chose different helixes. If you want to play more of a tanky character there are those options too.

Advanced- there is a ton of synergy between helix choices and changes playstyle based on those choices. Caldarius is the perfect example of this, he has choices that put his upgrades for gravity burst v flashbang and depending on which ones you chose, you play him differently.


Oh, ok, I can buy that. They must be referring to his smoke bomb-injection interaction.