Why is Rath the only melee character who gets to see what he's doing?!

Seriously. I’ve always had a problem with the game trying to do melee in first person, but I finally tried Rath and was almost outraged. Why is he the only character who gets to switch to third person for his moves?! That’s so unfair! All the others it gets so disorienting trying to melee in first person all the time.

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Attikus has this issue with his pounce. The target is never where they were before I pounced. 9 out of 10 time I have to find them again after this attack and by then the stun is over.


uuuuugh I hate that! it happens pretty much every single time.

He has third person for his ultimate … once a minute … :expressionless:
( Aside from that you can have third person when holding the E … which nobody does. )

Btw. Galilea goes (somewhat) third person too with her ultimate … and Kelvin does so with his Q.
Crying about a non-issue …

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…While I was surprised at how much of an unkillable tank he is in Sotry mode I stopped using him because of this.

Dude, I literally only even use pounce to run or save an ally with some clutch CC. I’ve been doing way better since lol. I wish the 5 charge bonus was a knock up. Oh God, that’d be so awesome.

But seriously, more melee need the option that Rath has for his smash (I’m looking at you, Boldur dash) or his Ult having 3rd person. Any, and I mean any melee move that involves long distance aiming, quick movements, or somewhere in between or close needs a pulled out camera to ease disorientation/not waste the skill.

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Not even close to the same. For starters those are both escapes, not attacks. Shayne also goes third person during her cloak.

Secondly it’d be kinda hard for her to be first person when she ducks underground. Shayne and Kelvin going third person is pretty inexplicable though.

But again. Those aren’t melee attacks, so totally irrelevant. Rath gets to go third person for his launcher AND his ultimate. Other melee characters have to essentially flail blindly as enemies constantly go off screen and out of view because they are stuck in first person the whole time.

The point is that as melee rath has a mechanic the others should, too.

There are others, like Kelvin’s sublimate. Some of the, are problematic. Why they chose to do that with Isic’s dash is beyond me. It makes me nauseous as hell to have the camera pull back then zoom forward.

Doesn’t Catalytic smash pull back into third?

Yes it does.

Isics dash is another like kelvins and Shayne where there’s no real point to third person. Its the MELEE attacks that need it, not dashes and escapes.

I suspect the reason sublimate switches is because having a giant ball of frost taking up the whole screen (or even having wisps of it flickering in your face) would be a big problem.

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I don’t see why it would. I imagine it should just be a glow along the outer edge of the hude like bolders Rage.

I suppose rath goes third person when using his Smash because of the first helix talent, Waveform Smash. A little helper to use this one more efficiently.
Not that I think people are using it, but that’s the only real reason I can think of. I actually find going to third person view immensely distracting myself :smiley:

To not see the glowing ball they would have to move the camera. I’m not sure they have the ability to simply not render it for the player (maybe they could…I don’t know)

Yeah, Rath and his spin to win is really annoying. I mean 2100 dmg in less than 5 seconds. If the Rath has the slightest idea what he’s doing then it’s pretty impossible to counter.

I assume by launcher you mean his “E” (Catalytic Smash?) … Please keep in mind that it just switches to third person when you actually hold back that “skillshot” … it makes it somewhat easier to hit the Skill just as @wolrajh said, but you can not seriously consider that an unfair advantage?? …
During that time you stand there doing no damage. I never felt the need to hold the E back, so it took me a while to realize it switches to third person when you do …
Now that i know it … guess what?? … I still don´t do it. :expressionless: Why would i waste time that could be spent hacking the other guy to death?

Standing there (in glorious third person!!!) doing no damage does not actually give me any advantage … if anything it´s really stupid actually …

As for the ultimate … again … it´s like once a minute. :expressionless: If you really have such an issue with that, then go ahead and propose that “Raths ultimate should be first person for balance” … even though that would be just as uncalled for and laughable. But don´t act as if Rath was actually running around and fighting in third person. He is NOT.

They don´t need it … meeles are wrecking faces day in and day out … even without third person. If you can´t keep up with what´s happening around you, then don´t play meele.

And please stop pretending Rath has any noteworthy advantage compared to other characters in terms of camera view. :expressionless:

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Point still stands that he gets to actually see what the hell he’s doing BC the third person view, especially with his ult. That third person is something most meleers could use really bad.

So I take it you never attempted to use Attikus’ pounce offensively then? Because you’d know why 3rd person is a necessity for that move to be an actual good and reliable offensive tool. And I wish, oh how I wish Boldur got on his dash what Rath had on his smash. Then I wouldn’t have to be kissing someone to ensure a dash and/or stun. And even then…

The complaint is not that Rath has an advantage, it’s that he has something that’s far more necessary on any other melee with a movement oriented skill.

The only real alani counter is dreadwind. Hey alani full health [presses y button] hey dead alani

I think all melee characters should be able to play in third person really. With first person being the secondary option. Would add more variety to this game.

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Doesn’t El Dragon go into third person for clothesline, dragon splash, and for around the first second of En Fuego? Also I think Deande on her ultimate and burst dash (at least if you pick the aoe around her).

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