Why is She So Weak?

So I have to say I REALLY like playing Mellka. Her abilities and the concept are solid but her punch just comes off really weak. There is something that could maybe help with her IMO.

A stronger Venom: A stronger tick would help as the venom seems too mild, current is 15, a small increase to 20 would be great.

Stronger pistol or melee? I don’t know…

I think she’s pretty well balanced. I’d like to see her venom canister fire a bit further though. It ends up hitting the ground in front of people I’m shooting at most of the time. Once you hit level 8 and add venom to your bullets, that’s when she really shines! Last night I was holding lanes against an OM, gali, and s&a. They figured they could rush me but backed off real quick after they got a taste of that sweet, sweet venom :heart_eyes:


It is highly possible that I suck at playing her then. Hmm, maybe I should look and see if I can find some info on her that maybe I have missed or not doing right.

I use her spike with the slow and AoE helix options to help get me up in the air and out of trouble. Getting the height is great for hitting head crits too because you can aim straight down lol. Slow, AoE, and a point blank line at their crit? Yes please lol. Claw lunge helix to bounce you back, as well as the helix that causes your quick melee attack to push you back as well. I find playing mostly defensive is better. I like to use her venom canister like a small grenade too, so shoot plenty off while you can. That becomes less necessary after level 8 helix that increases mag size and adds venom to your bullets. Then you can just spray a few clips into an enemy and duck behind cover while the DoT tick finishes them off, or at least scores you an assist. I use extra health regen gear to keep her survivability at max. In pvp I might not get the highest kills or most damage but I can usually guarantee the least deaths and most assists. Less focus on being able to 1v1 and more understanding her role in providing DoT support for the power houses at the front lines (Rath, Gali, OM). If you ever play against a Mellka, take note of her size and agility. She’s a very hard target to hit. Most of my deaths occur by getting caught on terrain in AoE’s like OM’s napalm nades. I’ve never had the pleasure of being sniped, and melee characters get spiked and/or claw lunged

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I see, well I will have to adjust my play a bit then. Thanks for the info!

I felt similarly about Melka when I first started playing her, she doesn’t have the satisfying burst damage against players or minion wave clear, and only her poison plus a single slow rather than any stun/silence/etc CC. Felt like a Caldarius without the epic group blinding nade. However once you get used to her playstyle you’ll find she can just sit in a lane and rarely ever need to leave it, instead just backing off a little before getting back to the fight.

And by back off I mean use claw lunge while pointing upwards/down lane to fly away and live to continue fighting (I use spike offensively as a player based AoE or comboed with quick melee pushback to punish melee chars who close the distance, while reserving lunge for kills or escape). Combine with attack damage, max hp, and hp regen gear (with shield downsides so they’re cheap, personally I like greens) and you’re sorted very early on and can concentrate on purchasing buildings for xp.

Besides her minion clear really improves once you get the poisoned enemies explode on death mutation. Plus the abilities do more damage than you realise at first - in meltdown I focus more on parting gift to clear minion waves because I’m often holding a lane 1v2 (or running points in 1v1) while the other side is busy team fighting. You usually end up having one of the higher damage scores at the end of the match simply from always fighting and being in lane rather than having to base/die. Not to say she doesn’t do well in capture or straight PvP fights too, because she does, you just don’t necessarily understand how you’ve managed to do so well because it doesn’t have the dramatic feel of nuking that others do. Instead you’ll often finish matches without a death or with relatively few.


I’ll be first to say that when I played Mellka back in the first beta and they decided to unlock all the characters at the time she was pretty darn broken and fun. This was when Atk Spd was stackable which made her right click melee attacks just become a CC due to her knockup.

While she isn’t as strong as she was then she is still very capable of taking on some of your strong melee characters. (Rath/Pheobe) She just requires a little more setup. You have to try to keep the enemy envenomed at all times. That means you need to fire and reload until that happens. If you miss the canister it really does hurt in the long run so get good at it. At rank 8 adding it to your shots makes it much easier and it’s just awesome when someone is running and has that sliver of health left.

I think Mellka can be built in different ways, but as a hybrid focusing more on the melee side she is pretty strong.
I tend to run Attack Speed/ Health Regen / Damage.
AtkSpd- For faster firing and clip reloads = more canisters. Faster melee means more damage and more knockbacks. It’s pretty good on her and I think most people should try it at least.
Health Regen- This should be obvious. She already regens health, but slowly. This allows you to take damage and recuperate quicker while going from point A to point B. Plus it’s awesome that you can poison and run in circles.
AtkDamage- This one I think is debatable. Her damage isn’t extremely high, so adding this helps a little, but I think I rather just get more atkspd or more health/healthregen. I think this would be a good option in combo with atkspd, but I wouldn’t get it just by itself. AtkSpd is just too good.

The only build I don’t recall being so good was skill damage, but that could have changed now. I want to try it, but my packs have been pretty weak lately. I want to try health/healthregen along with her helix to increase health on kills. I have a feeling she could get pretty tanky.

I hope this helps.

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So after reading much of what you all have contributed I have changed my play style significantly with her. I am pretty much just owning faces and its fantastic. I was way to focused on the burst dmg and far too concerned about K/D. I have learned to accept the assist and slowly working my startegy to start getting kills. By the time I am lvl 8 most people will strait run from me as I tend to kill most outright. Thanks so much for the advice!


So what do you run with now when you have gotten all the advice?
PS sorry for my English :slight_smile:

She’s amazing at level 8. Turns into a whole new beast of DoT when you can apply venom to targets with every bullet!

She’s crazy weak. Everytime I play against her I just rush her and she instantly dies. Especially when I play boldur. His health regen takes care of the venom no problem. I actually have no idea what the point of Mellka is. She’s a run and gun I think, but Caldarius is waaaaaay better if that’s your style.

Well, she IS an assassin, and just like the other assassins, they don’t do well in a 1v1. However, I will totally agree with you and accept if gearbox would like to make her a bit more beefy! :wink:

Assassins are supposed to crush 1v1s I’m pretty sure. It’s super silly that she’s supposed to melee people when every melee character can kick her ass.

The whole point of Mellka is to go melee against ranged bad at melee and go ranged with melee bad at range. You can go outside of that rules depending of the circumstances, but that’s basically it. She’s also one of the character with the most 3D movement available with caldarius, Benedict and Deande. Her gun is very precise and it’s really easy to land critical hits with them, too, so you don’t need to get close if the enemy is in group.
You can escape someone by reaching a cliff or anything above pretty easily. And if it’s a melee you were escaping, fire at him from above afterwards as well.
Due to all this, she’s extremely difficult to kill when played correctly. She has more than decent minions clearing abilities which help her level up, her poison pretty much denies stealthy escape abilities, as well as grants her tons of assist kill during play.

I usually don’t go very high in kill number, but I clear lots of minions, kills far more than I die, makes a lot of peoples retreat due to the combination of lots of critical hits+ poison, and have a lot of assist. Overall, I’d say Mellka is very very fun to play, and definitely not weak. I unfortunately don’t play her a lot because I usually choose my character depending on what the other 4 have chosen (and usually it’s lacking either a tank or a support), but when I can go Mellka, I enjoy it a lot.
Although, bad framerate thanks to AMD GPU on some maps (mainly Echelon for PVP maps) makes me unable to hit anything properly, but that’s another problem here.


Melka is my main and i love her to death. She is good at medium and short range. If you are getting beat up on, spike, airstall straight up, turn around and claw lunge at a 45 degreeish angle. You can even escape from fast characters such as caldarius doing this and may get a kill or assist in the process.
The grenades take practice to land, but can travel very far, however if you take the shard helix upgrade, the trajectory of the arc is much lower. It makes it better at mid range though because properly done, you can shotgun someone with it, and i believe the shards can crit.
I just wish i could find someone with Ghalt so i can finish my lore unlock though. :frowning:

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The mistake I see a lot of Mellka players make is trying to out gun battleborn that are superior gunners. If you waste even one second trading bullets with a battleborn that is a better shooter than you, you risk losing the engagement. Shoot just enough to land a venom canister then close the distance and lay down melee damage and add a spike to keep them on their toes. Really good FPS players can track 360 degree movement but only really phenomenal players can keep a bead on someone that goes vertical at point blank so use that to your advantage.

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I feel like her abilities are the only thing that’s weak. Her Claw Lunge should have longer range and the AOE for the Jump to be slighty bigger. It has no range compared to other AOE abilities.

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I just unlocked Mellka last night and only ran a couple of missions with her but, I gotta say I was liking what I was seeing. I like all the stategies Im seeing on her definitely gonna try some of these tonight. :wink:

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Lol good luck fighting her in that DOT venom pool…whil3 your envenomed from canisters…and being danced around SMGed.

Boldur is the sturdiest tank (after lvl5) in the game and hes also slow as an Ox by comparison (even when enraged) if a Mellka Let you kill them thats a L2P error on their part. A good Boldur can reliably Tank 1v3 late game…saying you crushed one character isnt saying much of anything at all.

Mellka is a Guerilla fighter, blindside and/or poison the enemy–>use her Speed, crazy high Vault ability or DOT pools to give her the environmental advantage. Whittle down Sturdier or High DPS characters, chase down and decimate ranged squishies.

She’s far from weak her skills are really good escape moves and her ultimate is awesome, if you have an Ambra on your team stick with her, Melka is slowly becoming my new favourite character :smiley: