Why is terror permanent?

Why are these annoints still usable? So builds like this are going to exist all throughout the game? This doesn’t sound well thought out.

I understand your words but it feels like there is some context missing therefore I don’t understand what you are asking exactly. Can you be more specific please? Thanks.


I spent a long time grinding for good terror builds and would be pretty choked if I could no longer put it to use. If you don’t like it don’t use it ya know


It can be used to make some terror builds, none of which are that powerful. It is just a fun idea and makes terror anointments have a point past Halloween.

I just think that having it as a permanent role in the sandbox is probably going to lead them into difficult decisions when all the remaining content is balanced.

I sincerely applaud your optimism in thinking that content is going to be back-balanced as new stuff gets released. I hope you are right.