Why is the Atlas gun availability rate so low?

Atlas has the lowest drop rate in the game. Why? Atlas is our first ally. And apparently number 3 in corporate production after Maliwon and Vladoff. (I don’t really count COV, as they are the Bandit home-built guns of Bl3.
I realize that many really don’t like their mechanics and lack of elemental damage, and that there are no sniper or submachine models. But in some ways, they are among the strongest in the game. This is especially true of those too rare 2 for 1 bullet models, even though the autofire rates rank at the bottom.
The vendor rate is so low that I have gone as many as 8 vendor reloads without even a single white assault rifle showing…insanely low. In that time 2 pistols and 2 rocket launchers showed. 3 resets without a single Atlas is not unusual.
If the overall drop rate increased, the decent gun rate would have to increase. Just my two credits worth.

I find that whichever manufacturer I want for a character is the one least likely to drop or show up in vending machines.

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No, really, look at your drops and vendors. Our first ally Atlas shows up the least, across the board.

I do admit, I am an Atlas assault rifle guy. But these do appear to be the guns with the lowest drop rate. Can someone from Gearbox confirm or deny?

Storywise, even though they are ally, it might be the new atlas are relatively new to the market so their product are not as distributed as others manufacrurer.

No really: I frequently see Atlas pistols, launchers, and ARs that I don’t want. Although when I AM looking for a good Atlas AR I seem to find all sorts of V and N systems instead of the Q system I’m looking for. My Amara who is supposed to be using Jakobs guns keeps getting Q systems instead of any Jakobs ARs that I want.