Why is the crosshair off centre on TPS for ps4? it messes the game up a lot, I dont even want to play it


That would drive me crazy.

That is a pretty bad bug. I am guessing it only occurs on one weapon or one weapon type. Does it occur on both sides (for both players)? Being visually of center is a dead giveaway that something is not quite right. If it is unique to a weapon and particular side it is easy to understand it was missed in testing, if it happens for all weapons then bugs like this are inexcusable.

the vid is of Xbox gameplay. Just before I move this to a tech support section, are you saying that the bug is exactly the same on PS4?

I have this bug with every gun so far that has a scope when in multiplayer local with a vertical screen split. Please fix it soon.

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yep, any weapon with a scope on ps4 vertical splitscreen. its only in TPS and not bl2

Funny thing is we adapted by not using scopes hehe… so the challenge is fun but it would be nice to use snipers again.

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Yes absolutely! I play on PS4 and it happens split screen on every weapon type.

Okay, thankyou. Moved to ps4 tech support.

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To make things easier, this thread is a duplicate of Split-screen (Vertical) - Scope misaligned (sniper)

And yes, this is very very annoying. Took me about three hours to adapt to a playable level… By now I came to think of it as a realism mod, where there’s always a very strong wind coming from the left…

Looks likely that the team will get a fix in for this in the next update. Too early to make any promises yet, but things seem to be coming along.


Any idea when the next update will be?

Is this ever going to get fixed?