Why is the game so easy?

On par for me. Actually BL1 was quit challenging if you didn’t do all the side missions in order early on. I can skip a few in BL3 and be fine.

It’s funny: During the months leading up to the game’s release, I was praying they’d make it easier than Borderlands 2 (That game had me so frustrated at many points). Then, shortly before release, I learned that BL3 would include an optional easy difficulty mode. Suffice it to say I was overjoyed.

Then I started to play (as Amara), and I played… and played… and found that the game to be rather easy on normal difficulty. I haven’t even touched the easier mode, and I’ve only died twice in over 25 hours. However, there have definitely been some tough fights.

So at this point, I’ll say that the difficulty feels just about perfect to me. Which, of course, could change drastically later on in the campaign or in the endgame. By the way, I’m playing solo on PC.

Yea everything that involves pointing and clicking is easy.

I just opened My Computer with two clicks man. Would be way more fun if it wasn’t so easy to get to my files.


That’s not true on every platform. On PS4, I’ve rushed to Sanctuary. The pedestal and icon are NOT on sanctuary. Right now, there’s zero point to playing TVHM for 25 hours through the campaign because Normal mode gives me better loot and challenge.

Yes, I wish they had an additional mode to play through initially, normal mode is a cake walk, playing as Amara so far.

I wish they had almost like a dark souls level difficulty to choose from the start. I really want a challenge playing through the game.

Yes I know they have TVHM and M3, but I want to experience a difficult journey the first time too., I want it to actually feel like a struggle at times to find the ammo, to have to actually scavenge and uncover all the small nooks and crannies for ammo and things.

Like, for example, I like to play Halo on Legendary on my first campaign playthrough - it really makes you feel like an actual person who can take damage, not like being able to walk through most of the game because the enemies can’t hurt you easily. You still feel powerful, but just slightly enough to where if you make a mis-step the game puts you in your place.

Like playing Gears of War on the hardest mode, really makes you feel the nitty-gritty stuff. Like really feel the struggle they are going through to hold the horde off. That kind of stuff is cool, and I would love to see that in this game.

Your comment makes sense. I feel it gets hard enough but I played all the mass effect games on insanity for my first run and could see why someone would want that. I just didn’t really think about it in this game I guess. In ME it was more like problem solving and puzzling out the situation. Those story driven games are more a play through a few times and quit kinda game. BL is a play forever kinda game so I didn’t mind the easy start to help get me guardian unlocked and further toward the end game with less frustration

if your playing moze, i feel you, i was mowing bosses down like i was spreading butter on bread. only died once my entire first playthrough and that was on killavolt.
i had this one hyperion smg that had high damage, high mag size and fast fire rate, it really benefited from moze’s skills, and because it would hardly run out of ammo i could literally mow everything down, bosses were no exception.
now at level 50, i have a shreddifier and a artifact that increases my mag size by 40%, which end up with me having 200+ bullets, i can literally almost fire it infinitely, and it destroys enemies. i completed a trail on mayham 2 with almost 26 minutes to spare

i played a maxed out flak build, with best everything, and i still think moze is more powerful.

I suspect OP did this topic for click bait.

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OP isn’t wrong. If you’ve played Halo on legendary and skulls on, then yeah. This game is a walk in the park.

BUT I just finished the game at 45. and maybe TVHM can change my mind.

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I’ve actually been playing on the easier difficulty the whole time while wondering if it actually is any easier because it has consistently been more difficult for me than the previous games. In no small part, I believe, because it frequently spawns several badass enemies in any given battle even while solo. Which is particularly awful when half of them are Nogs protecting the other half with their ridiculous shields.

Those are two different games though. You can’t compare a Halo campaign to Borderlands, not even the same genre. Only thing they have in common is the fact they’re shooters.

There’s no issue with the difficulty. There’s TVHM, Mayhem 1-3 and we will more than likely get UVHM, etc etc. not everybody is having a breeze going through the game. My buddy just finished last night. It was slowed down because he wanted better weapons to drop since he was struggling with some boss fights.

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I am playing Amara solo on normal and sometimes I have alot to do just to stay alive or get that second wind, some bosses feels almost like Dark Souls and I wish there was someone alse with me to take agro so I can take abreath… :stuck_out_tongue: Calssic goons are fine for the most part, Badasses tho, two shoting me with rocketlaunchers… Trying to keep my weapons on level helps alot but I certainly wouldn’t say that the game is easy.

So I can’t compare a red apple to a yellow apple because the yellow one has really strong abilities and gimmicky weapons making BL even easier than Halo? Thanks for proving my point.

Huh… Maybe some of the changes between BL2 and 3 simply cater to my playstyle more and that makes it feel easier to me? I don’t know. I’m a little ways into my first visit to Eden-6 right now, and I believe I’ve still only died twice (and once more by falling out of bounds, which doesn’t count).

What definitely helps is that I do all the side quests whenever they become available. As a result, I’m usually a level or two above most enemies. Mind you, I’m not calling the game a cakewalk (on standard difficulty), but if I pay a bit of attention, that’s usually enough to keep myself alive. In Borderlands 2, in contrast, I’d often get shredded by groups of 1 badass + 2-3 normal enemies in a matter of seconds.

I’m playing Amara and I also find it a little easier than BL2 (considering I don’t have any BAR/Guardian ranks now).

Samsara (green tree) is your friend for sure, along with the healing perk in the first tier of green. Getting even 1 or 2 hits with your ability, you can regenerate over 15% health per second at any given time just by activating your ability, 15% health every second for 20 seconds is very powerful, if you hit all 5 stacks, you can generate over 25% just from samara, plus another 5% from the ability right above it, 30% hp every second makes you a health tank like none other.

Find a shield that gives you +health % like 30% more health or something and you will be generating boat loads of health all the time pretty much, you have about 5-10 second downtime between your ability and that, but very small, and most fights you can fall back and recover if really needed and come back out and be invincible for another 20 seconds.

I think that really depends on the person. A lot of people treat Borderlands the exact same as ME or any other RPG style game. They sell millions of copies of Borderlands, but the playercounts always die down a few months after, which means the majority do treat it just like those games, just an RPG to play through. Having an additional challenge would be fun for those who want it, just like now. They might play a little bit longer because of the added challenge.

Borderlands can certainly be “endless” to an extent, but sadly, there is always a cap in these games no matter what, Borderlands 2 has a cap, once you get the best legendary items, your character is maxed, etc then you are actually done. There isn’t anything else you can do to improve your character anymore. If they turned Borderlands into more like an MMO, treated it more like a game as a service, like WoW, I think that Borderlands could really feel endless, release a new raid every 6 months, just keep updating the same game, adding new zones to the worlds that they have in the game right now. Add more levels on, like 5 per year, keep progression going. I think it would be an awesome hit for a lot of people.

You can choose between Normal or Easy mode, would be great to see another mode to choose from, you don’t have to play it of course, just like in any other game, but having the option to choose would be great for people who actually want a strong challenge through the first playthrough. I feel like by not having that as an option it just kinda artificially limits the challenge for some people.

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Once you beat the game you can also turn on Mayhem mode in normal. It has 3 settings.

Also consider trying the game solo, especially at bosses.

THEN tell us how easy or hard the game feels to you.

Another interesting thing is how items can change the experience (which is part of the fun). My zane has a level 27 legendary gun that is still useful 10 levels later. It is extremely powerful but it doesn’t work on everything.

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zero point? I don’t think so. Plus the hardest version of the game and best loot will be in TVHM with Mayhem 3.

Let us know how you feel after finishing the game. There are some tough bosses in BL3.

Consider playing as Zane. I hear it’s harder? That’s who I ran with for my first playthrough. I’m not as far in with my other characters yet so I can’t say it’s harder or not.

With Zane though I really enjoy the tactical decisions with the shield and hologram especially.