Why is the GB BL3 build site still at level 65?

I’m using chrome, latest version, and the Official Gearbox BL3 build pages on Borderlands.com are still on Level 65?


What am I doing wrong?

No way GB just hasn’t spent the effort to update this site.

I mean…how embarrassing….

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Is this what you are seeing as well?

Can you contact whomever from GB monitors this forum so they can pass this on….

Seems like something that definitely needs fixing

In the meantime…got a plug for an Apple App that is just SUPER for “builds”

You can save and name all your builds for instant recall on iPhone or iPad and is now available on Android

Takes into account Class Mod Skill Points

Can easily update and change saved builds

Can attach notes to each build

Developer keeps it constantly updated

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I’ll take a look later - haven’t actually used that site in a very long time as it doesn’t seem to work so well in my preferred browser.


Nice. I’m gonna check this out, I’m tired of taking screenshots of my skill trees.

The only thing that App does not do is “share build”…

You still have to do darn screen shots if you want to send it to someone…darn it….

but I understand the developer is working on that

Well… I hate to say it but…

Oh, looks like you said it for me. But seriously, I checked the site and it’s still at level 65.