Why is the Hellfire so bad?

For those who remember, the Hellfire in BL1 was an absolute monster. BL2 saw a decrease in the power of the Hellfire, but was still a solid choice, particularly for Kreig. Now in BL3, despite being changed to a Dahl weapon to avoid the charge time, it simply doesn’t keep up. Not enough damage by any means, and the tiny mags mean you spend way too much time reloading. I wish Gearbox would give the Hellfire a much deserved buff.


It’s not bad…you just dont understand it.

Splash damage that can crit. Give it to Moze and you’ll see how good it is. And if they are doing (you know what) to her then Then hellfire is probably the best way to proc Means of Destruction.


Perfect for Moze

Nah, its prettyy bad. A generic Incendiary Devoted would do the job even better. It’ll have higher bullet damage, similar elemental, higher fire rate, and its mag size is waaay higher (like 74)

No charge time, it just spins up like a minigun.
The Hellfire is basically a generic SMG w/ slightly higher fire dmg , but its normal bullet dmg is crap compared to the other SMGs. A purple Eridian SMG that shoots a laser would be better.

Its outclassed entirely by the Night Hawkin, which does higher bullet damage, but it gets x3 bullets and fire dmg at night. Then theres the Cutsman and Crossroads… Even the Hellshock is better (Maliwan Pistol, and thats with the charge up time…)


You’re welcome to you opinion.

Again…Moze has skills that Buffs mag size, splash damage, fire rate, and incidiary damage.

I dont know what else to tell you.

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A friend runs Moze with Hellfire and he destroys everything safely and quickly with Moze. Not as fast killing as Fl4k, but with a ton more survivability.

He isn’t worried about bullet dmg, his build is built upon splash radius and dmg, anything else is just a bonus.

I haven’t tried Moze yet to test anything but I have played multiplayer with him and he keeps up with me pretty darn well. I do outdps him but not by a whole lot, he melts bosses plenty fast.

Your argument is that the gun is good because the Moze character skills make up for how bad it is.

That about right?


I think the utility of the hellfire is more important then paper stats.

It’s like Means of Destruction…by itself its aight. Combined with a Hex its OP. The Hellfire is the instrument that brings together alot of powerful skills Moze has.

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It used to be good before release when DOT’s were much more powerful. It’s been weakened quite a bit from that general nerf. I too prefer the Night Hawkin and tons of other SMG’s over the Hellfire.

To the other guys in the thread, we get it. It’s good with Moze. But the Hellfire was fantastic with any class in previous games. For it to only really be good with a single class in this game is disappointing.

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So yes… I dont think you’ll reach it’s full potential outside of Moze. Amara can come close…But Moze makes the gun top tier.

To be fair thats how most of the best legendary weapons are. The universal ones usually arnt too fantastic or are so damn good everybody and their whole family tree right up to the 3rd cousins are using it and thats boring as hell.


Besides Stoke the Fire, they work off of gun damage. It only seems good because Moze’s skills are good. Most other SMGs would be way better.

Shoot an enemy w/ the Hellfire, then the Night Hawkin at night. Or a Crossroads, or certain Maliwan SMG’s (and if your playing as Amara 1 point into Fast Hands makes a big difference in the charge time, some of them will fire instantly if they roll w/ charge up time as well)

Well there was Fl4k a d Queen/Kings Call.

Some guns just synergize better with certain classes.

I realize…but we’re not talking about King’s Call, we’re talking about a gun that’s existed throughout the franchise and has always been fantastic but is now mediocre with most classes. Just sad, that’s all.

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Psst. It was always mediocre. In Bl1,2,3 you have better alternatives. Hellfire is just really cool.

Yet the OP was talking about how the gun wa amazing with Krieg. Some guns are better fits with certain classes…its like that with most RPGs. If you want to buff it be my guess…Moze just became more powerful.

Fire in the Skag den, Experimental Munition, Means of Destruction. If you’re running a grenade Moze you can buff grenade and hellfire damage at the same time with splash damage through stats on gear.

And Moze helps eliminate its biggest weakness…mag size and bullet consumption. I’m glad you like the night hawking…this isnt a competition. You can use your gun, and I can use mine. I’m just telling you how good the hellfire is with Moze.

Did you play borderlands 1?

Firehawk and Pestilent Defiler were better than even the pearlescent weapons.

Yes , but I dont understand how and what does that have to do with the Hellfire , my quote , and the discussion overall.

in BL it was one of the top 5 best guns, now it’s just ok, not bad, not great