Why is the Hellfire so bad?

It’s pretty good in Moze’s hands. The splash + high fire damage and decent mag size. I also got a class mod that boosts Dahl critical damage, hellfire can definitely still melt if you use it right.

I play Moze and the Hellfire is underwhelming to me. Cutsman is better for mobbing(unless you need to snipe at long range), Nighthawkin is better especially at night(it’s insane), but honestly my preferred weapons are Lasersploders and Flakkers. Both just melt mobs fast. I got out of Demo Woman and started a Bottomless Mags/Shield build and I have 0 problems just melting face and I never reload lol. It’s hella fun.

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Your missing the point. It looks good on Moze because she has good skills. Theres nothing special about the gun in general besides it doing splash damage, which all the Maliwan SMGs do. Its mid-tier at best, even on Moze, since theres a bunch of SMGs/Pistols that will do the same thing but better.

Like I said, an average SMG like thr Devoted can have similar fire damage, higher bullet dmg, and a much larger clip size (70 something compared to 20 something).

The topics not about “I can take this mediocre weapon and kill stuff w/ it using a good build”. Its about why the Hellfire was nerfed so much repeatedly in BL2 and 3, and turned into a Dahl.

It should be Maliwan for the recent dmg increase, the increase elemental dmg / proc chance, and no charge up time.

Otherwise the Night Hawkin is literally 3 times better at night…


You forgot that Maliwan guns are trash and take forever to shoot…including the devoted. I’m sorry I dont want lag as a feature in one of my weapons.

If you dont like the Hellfire dont use it. Sorry that I didnt join the pity party.


I think it might be because of how readily available it is.
Could also be a beast in Amara’s hands if you get an anointed perk with 75% status chance and elemental damage. Especially if you have a lot of skill points in the ability to make shots ricochet or chain status effects to other enemies.

Devoted fires instantly. Crossroads, Cutsman, Night Hawkin are all waaay better. The Hellfire in this is basically a glorified purple w/ a lot mag and above average fire damage.


The devoted is a gun that needs time to ramp up.

How many times do I have to say that I dont care about other smgs…I’m talking about this one.

Crossroads…not splash
Night Hawkins…not splash
Cutsmans…shoots slow AF. Projectiles move slow AF, start up time is slow AF.

I already gave you my reasons for why I use hellfire…move on. You’re talking in circles.

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But why use Hellfire when it’s weaker in every aspect? Cutsmans may have to start slow but once it fires the fire rate is good plus it penetrates(which is amazing for mobbing) and does massive dmg on crits. If you want to proc splash damage a Hex is your best friend and pair that with Vamphyr and it’s crazy good healing.

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Memes aside I only care about 2 things

  1. Can it clear Mayhem 3…Hellfire can easily do that. If your having problems then it’s your build…not the gun.

  2. Most Important…how satisfying is it to shoot. Nothing wrong with the other smgs or guns…and they probably kill things 1 sec faster. I love shooting the hellfire. No gimmicks, no nonsense. It’s a gun whos flaws are completed by Moze. It’s like the gun was made for her.

Grenades strip the shields, and the hellfire destroys the flesh. An absolutely amazing gameplay loop. I played this game from day 1, shot every gun in the game. I always come back to the hellfire becuase it’s the total package.

That gun right there was amazing. It’s probably my all time favorite weapon in the BL series.

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I think the problem lies in that they no longer allow this weapon to do what its original BL1 intention was, which was an ever increasing Fire DoT number, and the fire effect didn’t “Wear off”.

Now it’s no different than any other fire weapon, where you get pathetic DoT numbers, and the effect only lasts 5-10 seconds. In BL1 you could proc the Hellfire DoT and let the fire do the job of burning the enemy down, good luck doing that here.

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While some claim it works brilliantly for Moze (with her incendiary buffs, of course), overall, Hellfire is just terrible in BL3. While it may boast an impressive rate of fire, it has weak DpS, weak DoT, a paltry magazine (compared to variants found in BL1 and 2), and is just plain bad. Heck, even a green Tediore incendiary SMG could do better. (Or am I just exaggerating the point there?)

Initially, I was looking forward to getting a Hellfire for Amara, but when I finally got around to getting one, I was beyond disappointed. :unamused:

I’ll take my Incendiary/Corrosive Westergun over it any day.

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Not sure if it works the same in this game but hellfire used to proc fire damage on every bullet, vs waiting for the cool down like every other gun so you could stack more dot, it still had low base damage in previous versions as well though, it’s more suited to very specific roles with the vault hunters

someone at gearbox dev dept declared war overall on maliwan weapons with the gimmick …charge weapon

I was just about to post about this, they all have really low damage and its not like in BL2 in witch the element adds extra damage AND extra damage as a DoT, the DoT deals pretty high damage over 5 seconds but it doesn’t really make up for the LOW damage overall, I have found one with x2 on it the damage and I think they can spawn with x4 (I am farming it right now and I will let you know) but it is pretty weak with around 200-300 damage!
for anyone who is farming it, kill the jabbermogwhi with a fire weapon, this ups the chance it will drop it by ALOT, on mayhem 3 with loaded dice I have gotten 1-2 hellfires each kill XD

It’s interesting to see how different players react to things in different genres.

I read that in collectible/battle card games (pokemon, mtg, etc.) one way to make the rarest cards valuable/desireable (without making them mandatory in every deck, so every player can have a competitive deck regardless of economic status) is to make them mediocre in an average deck but excellent in specialized decks.

That definitely doesn’t seem to be the case with this crowd lmao

There’s no way I can agree with the Hellfire being mediocre in BL1. It was one of the best weapons in the game and if you were lucky enough to find one early in the game you were set for the next 20 levels or so. DoT was so powerful in BL1 that Hellfire was almost guaranteed to bring most things down

It is underwhelming compared to its version in BL2.

It doesmt seem to hit as hard. I dont use it on any other toon but moze which is sad. I was excited when it dropped for me.

I think the point being made is that the original Hellfire wasn’t a gun that you had to use “right.” It was basically a killing machine no matter what build or VH you had going and was iconic pretty much because of that. Hellfire = fiery death no matter how you play. I remember doing the entire Jakobs Cove DLC armed with nothing more than a Hellfire for the whole thing and it just melted everything in sight. Didn’t even have to aim much. The Pestilent Defiler was another such gun in BL1 (just for Corrosive), as was the Volcano.

I agree with the OP that it’s a shame such an iconic weapon has been reduced to a speciality item. Probably best not to have it at all than reduce it to a novelty gun.