Why is the Kerblaster good?

In Axon’s hands, it seems tk be just a clunky, ammo consuming weapon. the main projectile isnt even boosted by grenade buffs, and the child grenade is slow and unreliable. Can anyone explain why it is top tierfor him? i know about the Ogre, i just wondered.

Copied from my top gear guide

###Kerblaster :boom:

The Legendary Torgue Grenade Launcher is great choice for Axton. It’s useful against enemies that normally reflect bullets, since its explosions won’t reflect. Each shot will explode, then spawn a small Grenade which will also explode after a short delay. Note that this extra Grenade is the only component that gets boosted by Axton’s Grenade Damage Buffs. Regardless, it’s quite potent if used properly.

  • Best Parts:
    Torgue Grip
    Slippery or Nasty Prefix
  • Obtaining:
    Drops from Midge-Mong in Southern Shelf - Bay, Torgue Machines

So what is the "right way to use it, and do you think it is worth the ammo? any idea about the radious of the child grenade? can you imagine the child grenade being a Bonus Package?

Well don’t use it against fast or small enimies. Slow or big enemies is where it shines since both the grenades can hit them. The grenade is just a starnaderd grenade, like the one you get with no grenade mod equipped.


is the child grenade leveled to op8?

It’s based on the gun level, so yeah it scales to op. It’s also boosted by grenade boost.

It’s outstanding against things like Crystalisks. Also against anything carrying a shield (Enforcers, BUL-Loaders) since the gun’s mechanics allow you to get the damage around their shield.


So it is more of a long range grenade launcher than an assailt rifle?

I’d say medium range. But with it I judge distance based on target size and speed more then anything else.

Well, that’s certainly one way to look at it. It’s actually pretty versatile in that regard, since you can lay down explosions faster and in a tighter area than using something like a Bonus Package. It allows you to hit more enemies at once if they are bunched (think map bottleneck, singularity grenade, or co-op with a siren using converge.) And, as @Piemanlee noted above, it’s not going to reflect back at you. It’s not going to give you the surgical precision of a scoped non-elemental minigun/spinigun, but it sure is fun!


If you want I can make a video of me testing it.

I would love to see that! :smiley: So the Quazar grenade would be one of the best for Axton to use? Cant wait to see this thing in action, along with the damage potential.

Yes the quasar is very good. My kerblaster isn’t a perfect parted one but I’ll run though a Map with it. Any suggestions for said map. Or any special spec or bar on/off.

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If you’ve got slow moving (Loaders, Crystalisks for example) or stationary (Threshers or Constructors for example), they’ll eat the secondary grenade, which is the core of this weapon’s damage.

For some reason, it’s quite good against non-Rabid Stalkers. I think it’s because, while they usually squirm around a lot, when they pause for a moment, it only takes a few rounds from this gun to tear them up.

That said, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t used it effectively against Surveyors and Rakk. Unloading it with the magazine and fire rate buffed is very satisfying (I like the Torgue allegiance relic for this).


I love it when Metal Storm kicks in! Hadn’t considered an allegiance relic, as I’m usually switching through different manufacturers all the time on my main Axton. I can totally see it on an explosive Axton though.

That four-ammo-per-shot consumption rate usually burns through the magazine fast enough that I feel like I spend more time reloading than firing. I mean, lots of things are dead, but still. :slight_smile:

Any mob and boss mix would be awesome, Pie! aSo this thng is an absolute powerhouse among assault rifles if used properly?

… EXPLOSIONS? :boom:


Fire off the kerblaster, swap to a moxxi healing gun, wait for the child grenades to go off, and watch your health bar go up.

If you really want to cheese it, swap to a Creamer. :wink:


I’ll try and run south paw then.