Why is the matchmaking so bad?

Not joking, 90% of my matches I’m on a full pick up group and the other team has a premade of 2-5, sometimes they have two premades. I’m seriously not exaggerating. Maybe I’m just having crazy bad luck but I believe any quality matchmaking system would avoid runs like this.

I mean this is literally the worst matchmaking system I have EVER seen. Like ever…

When you get matched with a full premade there is no option to back out from the lobby like 100% of other online games.

In one as we speak. We are 5 pugs vs 5 man premade. Getting farmed with a zero score. Maybe I play at nonpeak times and thats why? I dunno but it sure sucks. Often the team won’t even surrender when we’re getting farmed, just wasting more of our time.

You are seriously going to burn out a ton of your players from the game with this crap.

The reason its like this is because it clumps a bunch of random together in a group, and sends them out against another group. Coincidentally, 5 man pre-mades happen to be the most frequent, and therefore the quickest match.

To be fair, with its lower player base, if more rules were put in place, would take forever.

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  1. Here a great post from @Martok summing things up
    Hi, Team of Level <10. Meet enemy team of Level >40