Why is the New Legendary so Hostile?

You need to kill other LLC battleborn for Shield stacks… so what the hell is that? I thought if the team sticks to one faction, they’ll benefit from it, not the other way around.

At least it has Shield AND Shield recharge buff, this can easily be used for a beastly Kelvin.

You need to be LLC to use it.
The new legendary is total crap


Kinda fits the LLC though. They’re kinda selfish. Take money from the other rich guys


All of the LLC hate each other. Kleese is universally hated, ISIC is just terrible, ISIC hates Dragõn, Kid Ultra is probably hated by everybody for being a kid who screams about justice, and Phoebe is hated by ISIC. Marquis is fine. But no other faction has so much hate

DOES ISIC hate El Dragon? I thought he just ripped his arms off because he could; if anything, El Dragon should hate ISIC.

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Well, ISIC hates everyone, but they in specific have a hateful relationship

Where can i find some examples of this? ISIC’s dialog when fighting El Dragon, or something in El Dragon’s lore from ISIC? I’m unfamiliar with both, and curious about this now.

Oh, and fair enough on your "ISIC hates everyone comment.

I don’t play much of either, but I’d reccomend running the Algorithim as El Dragõn (although that’s like impossible now, right)

Haha. true, true; he is awful now. So you’ve run El Dragon (or with someone else running El Dragon) on The Algorithm, and heard unique dialog between him and story ISIC that relates to them hating each other?

There’s a whole lot of it. Um, @RAAMzilla should know. Any help please?

Yes, @RAAMzilla, please do. So far, the only dialog i am familiar with concerning ISIC, is him saying he’s going to rip El Dragon’s f**king arms off in his lore, and where he yells something similar to DRAGOOOOOONNNE when fighting him (El Dragon). Any dialog excerpts confirming that ISIC hates El Dragon more than other characters would be appreciated. So far as i know, he only has such a relationship with Kleese.

On his way to kill ISIC in the Algorithm Kleese says good luck and Dragon replies with something along the lines of, “I don’t need luck, I have my anger”. And after killing ISIC he goes on a little speech about how he redeemed himself and ends with a mixture of crying and laughter.

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So just El Dragon being angry, like i said was probably to be expected; nothing about ISIC hating El Dragon?

Not really. The only reason ISIC tore off El Dragon’s arms was to get attention about how he figured out the entire universe is a joke and he is going to burn it to the ground and relieve himself on the ashes.

So he doesn’t hate El Dragon any more than the average person.

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That was what i thought. See that, @epicender584? I win this debate. Cue the music!

Now i just need about 4 more…


Oh, I wasn’t saying that he hated him any extra, just general hate. But good job lol

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“But they in specific have a hateful relationship.”

Don’t you try to take this away from me with your nonchalance! I already ordered the ballons and cake, so there WILL be a party, AND THIS IS A BIG DEAL!!



El Dragón despises the very sight of ISIC, as ISIC not only stripped him of his title belt, and ended his winning streak, he violently tore off both of El’s arms in front of a live crowd and completely humiliated him.

Also the assumedly life saving surgery left El in quite a bit of debt, completely bankrupting him.

El also isn’t the biggest fan of his robot arms as he is often criticising their performance, implying that they’re to blame for his failures; “DAMNIT ROBOT ARMS, FIGHT HARDER!!”

So yeah, Dragón and ISIC are a fierce rivalry.

In PVP if Dragón spots ISIC he warns his team mates to ‘watch their arms’, and upon killing ISIC El will loudly shout “JUSTICE FOR MY ARMS!!”


Ah, good, you’re here. My question was if you’ve heard any dialog that indicates ISIC hates El Dragon back? As @epicender584 already pointed out, ISIC technically hates EVERYONE; but is there anything that supports the theory that ISIC hates El Dragon MORE than everyone but Kleese, or does he just taunt El Dragon about his failure in the championship? I understand that El Dragon hates ISIC, and for a very good reason.