Why is the respawn time not yet reduced

like seriously. I mentioned this months ago around the summer patch but nothing was fixed. Like how is waiting ONE MINUTE fun??

Respawning is based on character level, the higher the level the longer the timer is. It rewards skilled play, it isn’t call of duty, there’s a legit punishment for dying in the game and sometimes it’s important considering team comps and what not. If it’s mid-late game, you don’t want that healer spawning immediately, you want that healer to spawn in 60 seconds because he/she is keeping the tanks alive.


This mechanic is made on purpose. If you are playing incursion, the team that takes down the first sentry will have a delayed respawn timer in order to give the other team a fighting chance. Without it, it would be impossible to clear out buildables, minions, and make a counterattack, etc.


@Moostacho @Garrus_Sniper I understand this I really do, but is waiting one minute to make a 14 sec hike back to the battlefield really fun?? At least make it max 30 sec. or hell let us inspect our teamates helix and gear, give us SOMETHING to do

Long respawn timers are an inherent and vital aspect to any moba-esque game. This game would actually be unplayable if respawn timers remained short throught the game, due to the long TTK.


But my point is they’re boring and there’s nothing to do

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In that case, my suggestion to you is to avoid dying so that you don’t have to sit through them.


Yeah, don’t die as much, get good at learning your character’s limits and when you need to pull out and abuse the teleport when safe.

As a tank a good pullout range should be around 500-600 health, if you’re pulling out after that, then you’re giving assassin type characters (Pendles, Deande, Melka Shayne) the chance to finsh you off with relative ease. When you pull out with a good chunk of health left then just teleport when you’re certain the coast is clear (I always recommend teleporting or recalling to base as waiting for heals can be a waste of time and you can collect shards on the way back to the battlefield, build buildables or grab thralls/elite bots)

If you’re running around thinking it’s more FPS than MOBA, then you’re going to die. A lot. Then you’ll be seeing a lot of respawn screens and a lot of annoyed teammates because you’re feeding the enemy team levels and exp when doing so


what. I can’t just not die unless it’s very good game. My problem isn’t that I die too often it’s just that waiting one minute is boring and there’s literally nothing to do while you’re waiting but spectate, how is that entertaining

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I do get where you’re coming from, and they did enable us to watch the minimap to keep up with what our teammates are doing (by holding the down d-pad on ps4)

but also the minute long respawn isn’t an every-death like you make it sound to be… it only happens for me in the last 5-10 minutes of a really intense incursion map or something

I think I’ll enjoy seeing Galilea again 10 seconds after killing her.

Said no one ever


I enjoy when my enemy has 1min respawn time. Enough time to break their stuff and build mine.

It makes sense, it gives time for a comeback or atleast see how your team sucks, (once we had the worst orendi ever… Her pillars didnt land and wasted her ult trying to kill a wall).

Usually the losing team has a short respawn time.

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It’s not ABOUT what’s entertaining, it’s about balance. When i die i go to to the bathroom or resume eating my sandwich… Or take another drink, which results in more spawn-room time; it’s a vicious cycle, haha! Hell, most of the time i check for responses on these forums. I’m sorry that you are not enjoying the respawn timer, and this is NOT a personal attack; but one cannot expect the devs to rework a specific, MUCH NEEDED feature based on a handful of people’s gripes with not being entertained by having to wait for a minute. If you think premades are one-sided NOW, just wait until that [insert character here] that your teamed worked together to kill is back before your team has a chance to push and even the playing field.


Balanced =/= fun a game shouldn’t have a respawn time more than 30 seconds, this makes Battleborn seem slower than other games and that’s a fact

No, that’s an OPINION; and a minority one so far, based on the responses your thread has gotten. You are absolutely entitled to it; just recognize it for what it is: An opinion.

Also, what games are you referring to? I’m relatively new to MOBAs myself, but i seem to recall most team-based objective games having a respawn timer for balancing reasons; even in Call of Duty, you STAY dead until the next round, like in Search & Destroy and Headquarters.


That’s not a fact at all. Having longer spawns as the game progresses is essential. Otherwise, everybody would all run into the opponents base and dump all their abilities at once. If it works, great! If not, I’m back out there in 10 seconds and the opposing team won’t have had time to do any sentry damage. Doesn’t sound fun at all.

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Slower? How?

Please elavorate.

@Handsomecam other multiplayer games I play/have played tbh. Even Last of Us’s 20 sec max respawn time is better than this

and my point is there’s nothing to do during this long period of time making it a complete bore.

fun > balance everytime

A lot of feel that, in this case, the former is a result of the latter.

That is entirely up to you. Like i said, i read on the forums, eat, drink and go to the bathroom. You can even start a chat for your team in the hopes that they will join and communicate better. If you are IN a chat, you can even help your teammates spot enemies that they might overlook, or tell them that shards are available again. Yes, it is true that you cannot do any GAMEPLAY-RELATED things; but there is still plenty to do, in MY opinion.

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They need to get rid of respawn times in capture. Literally every second counts in that mode. Waiting just a few seconds can really screw up the match.