Why is the respawn time not yet reduced

I guess it depends on whether or not it matters to you to know what lane needs help, whether you should be building a minion, going for a thrall, racing back to the front line, skipping shards to get in place to defend your sentry, whether or not you do actually have time to collect shards on the way back etc

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Or complain about your stupid orendi who cant land a single shadow pillar and use her ult on a wall.

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And it is a tactical advantage, for another team. If you want to win, you have to kill others, if you want to lose - just die. It’s not an arena shooter, where you play Free for all, Capture the Flag or Domination game without characters and skill helixes. If you want an insta/quick respawn - Battleborn will never provide that no matter how much you dislike it (actually, since the beginning of Battleborn it’s the first time I see someone complain about this O_O).

You can go play CoD, Quake Live, Unreal Tournament, Doom if you can’t sit on your chair for more than 30 seconds while watching what’s going on on the battlefield and thinking what can you do differently the next time and avoid dying when it really matters for you and your team.


Yeah, let’s reward the players getting their asses handed to them. that makes complete sense

an nah like why would I do that when I can spend the 10-16 seconds walking back towards battlefield, you know, actually doing things like getting shards and thralls. If I die 4 times late game, that’s almost four minutes of waiting and watching others play. That’s just flat out bad game design

I can know that while i’m alive too? wat’s you’re point

If you die 4 times in the late game, you deserve to sit there for 4 minutes.

Because your 4 deaths should be seen as a detriment to your team, and it’s giving the enemy team an advantage - one less player, one less obstacle to worry about.

The respawn timer flat out makes sense. It’s the same amount of time in other MOBA’s, too. In the last few minutes of a match, a minute-long respawn timer is literally the difference between victory and defeat. 30 seconds, while a decent amount of time, would give the enemy team too much wiggle room to make a comeback - and, in the late game, it’s kill or be killed.


That’s just an example bruh it’s impossible to just not die, I only got 0 deaths with 10+kills like twice. Also the losing team shouldn’t have advantages they didn’t earn. Reminds me of the deathstreaks that were also annoying af back in the day.

and no matter what reason you can give for the losing team it is boring. If I have to find other ways of entertaining myself WHILE playing your game than it is flawed

I’m going to make it really simple for you: Nobody agrees with your point in this thread. The respawn timers are fair and make sense for the genre. If they are a problem for you, you are playing the wrong game.


nah lel the respawn timers are catering losers which makes no sense. But even if you call that “fair” it’s still breaking the fundamental flaw of gaming: If I am not engaged the player is not engaged in the game for more than two seconds than you have failed

Nice troll.


How am I a troll?

Have you ever managed a team wipe when your team was forced back by your second sentry? The enemy team are typically back from the dead by the time you reach their sentry…


Because your complaining that the punishment for death is too severe, and that it caters to the losing team. Those are conflicting arguments.

Either you’re a troll, or you need to step backwards and gather your thoughts.

…And since I know you’re going to ask, the losing team earned the advantage by killing you. If you’re wining, you’re doing better. If you’re doing better, than its a bigger accomplishment to kill you.

When the first sentry goes down, the winning team has more territory, more access to buildables, and the opposing team has more hostile territory to try and get through. They also lose their fat minion, a supply station, and easy access to a thrall. Therefore, longer respawn times are necessary. Otherwise games would be over when the first sentry went down, and we’d see way more of those “surrenders” everyone’s just oh so fond of.


It’s VERY possible to not die, you just have to have a little bit of luck.

But listen up, “bruh”. The game doesn’t have to cater to your definition of “fun”. You find the respawn time boring to sit through? Cool, pick your nose or look at your phone for a minute. It’s not going to kill you to wait, especially since you’re already dead.

Don’t like the timer? Then MOBAs aren’t for you.


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In the spirit of ‘not dying’ my best game ever is an Incursion game on Echelon: 35-0

not really, if the whole enemy team is wiped by late game we can easily wipe their first sentry

Nah son you already get a reward for killing an enemy player, it’s called XP. Why should the whole losing team get an advantage based on my one death. and nah a game always will be fundmentally flawed with a boring one minute wait time

that’s my whole point tho, if I have to find other ways to entertain myself while playing your game then you have failed at making an engaging game. One minute respawn times will always be boring, no mater how much of an advantage it gives to the losers

damn you b eat me, 28-0-22 as Thorn on Incursion :frowning: