Why is the respawn time not yet reduced

yes it is possible to just not die, but luck is not the same thing as skill -_- if I’m a melee character and I want to do damage to the second sentry cause I’m not a coward then chances are I’m prolly gonna die if I don’t make it out on time which I usually do

But have they really, really failed at making an engaging game?

No, they haven’t.

But alright, let’s have it your way - explain to us why having a shorter respawn timer is a better choice to the game, and tell us how it won’t change the way the game is played at all.

Ppl, guy’s gotta point. Why bore players to death for one minute when they die?
Heck, why bore them for 30s too, and 10 and 5, damn, why bore at all. Let’s abolish stupid respawn penalty.
…but why end there? Why do players have to even die? I mean respawn is kinda, like boring? Why not make players immortal, and whoosh, problem solved? :wink:.
Oh, and no losing policy - everybody should see “Victory” at the end, because, ye’know, losing is kinda, like boring.

BTW Doesn’t the OP sound kinda, like…entitled?


A respawn timer no more than 30 sec= more entertainment, more xp, more chances to kill. sounds got to me lel

and yes they did fail in that specific aspect. You should NEVER hit that point where you’re like “welp! I better find something else to do” while playing the game like that’s just common sense

way to blow what I said out of proportion -_-

If you cant wait, don’t die!!

If you dont like a fundamental part of this game, something that gives balance, reward and punish maybe this game is not for you.

There are a lot of fps out there with short respawning times for you.

If you want tacos dont change the tortillas for lettuce leaf and the meat for vegetables, you should try a salads instead of change tacos.


Not much. You are complaining about such crucial aspect of Battleborn as respawn time penalty: it’s as if you had problem with the presence of in-game RPG style character development (Helices) or First Person Perspective.
Why won’t you deal with it: death penalty SUPPOSE TO BE not-entertaining, in the same way as CC effects, recieving damage or losing a match (and matchmaking :wink: ).
It’s all about motivating, and is present within multitude of objective oriented games - very popular, and definitely not called boring by many, CS even has no respawn, and rounds last 2 minutes in average there!
Plus it’s all pretty much well ballanced so that you waiting for respawn would hinder your team’s defensive capability but not to the point where enemy wins hands down.
I mean, how much can 5 ppl manage to do against 3-4 ppl within 55 seconds tops (1 sentry killed, lvl 10)? And, on the other side: If killing players is not all about gaining an edge in the field for a meaningful time why bother killing/staying alive?

I keep telling you I can’t just “not” die that’s blasphemous, there’s also a such thing called “non-winnable circumstances” -_-
and it’s not enough to turn me away but it’s a major turn off and bore for me and let’s face most people cause most people have common sense. Most people don’t want to spectate and ■■■■ that’s boring. doesn’t this game want to sell anymore? sheesh

also that Taco sentence makes no since lol

not at all, terrible simile but whatever

and it’s boring af, why should I have to do something else to entertain myself while I’m playing a VG. also there’s a HUGE difference when it comes to CC effects, receiving damage and matchmaking because I can still do ■■■■.
and no there’s nothing fair and balanced about giving the losing team pity points. makes no sense.

stopped reading wall of text because it most likely makes absolutely no sense

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Like that can make me invincible

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Because of all the advantages they lost. Weren’t you paying attention? All the XP in the world isn’t going to make up for those.

A one minute timer in a MOBA isn’t flawed. It’s never been flawed. It’s never going to be flawed. We’re not talking about team deathmatch here, death has to have consequence. That consequence is to sit out for a minute.

Like some have said here, you’re supposed to use that time to watch team mates, check the map, look around, and see what you can do when you get back to maintain the advantage. You know, strategize. Use that time.

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If you’re on a competent team I think the respawn timer is fair.

On a team where you are the only high level, I think it needs to adjust more for average team level. A minute of down time when you are the only one holding back the minion horde is too much.

If being bored is the objection though, just get a tablet?

Dude im done, complain all you want, it wont change, it doesnt have to.

If you dont like it, dont die.

git gud

It can be done, use toby, marquis, thorn, beatrix, isic and stay in the back and use a regen.

If your team cant push, who cares you didnt die.

A One minute timer in a video game is flawed tho.

Disengaging you’re players at any given moment and yo have yourself a spicy flaw right there

also why the hell would spectating be entertaining? That ■■■■■ boring and I can plan my strategy when I’m walking back to the battlefeild

Like I’m gonna only play those snipers LEL also I like being on the front lines much more action going on

Why should I find other ways to entertain myself while playing a video game? That’s terrible game design