Why is the Story Mode still that full of bugs, Gearbox?

Dear developers of Battleborn.

I can understand that it takes a while to fix the balance in multiplayer games and gameplay in general. But for a game that expensive I genuinely do not think that fundamental issues like being thrown out of map by the AI and than dying afterwards must occur. I really enjoyed Battleborn so far, but the amount of errors and in general the extend of bugs throughout the whole story is just irresponsible. To my mind it should NOT be possible to be thrown out of the map by isics’ head for example in the easy-hardcore-mode just to die afterwards. Yet another waste of half an hour…

I do not know anything about programming and mapping, but in my opinion, things like the map layout of certain story missions should be fixed immediately. I have never seen such glitches before and I doubt they should exist. So please Gearbox, fix the bosses and the map layouts first, because reaching an endboss in hardcore mode just to die by some random glitch afterwards can be really depressing especially, if you just spend like an hour to get there.

Thank you for reading.

Without forgiving or criticizing Gearbox, I’ve been a gamer for three decades now and my experience with Battleborn after 250 hours, is that it does have a few annoying bugs here and there, but on the whole, is a decently stable game. Compared to say, a Fallout title, Battleborn is a paragon of stability, and I love both games.

My advice - post a few of the worst offenders here and give them a chance to fix some of them. You’ll help yourself, the rest of us playing, and Gearbox, all at the same time. If they don’t live up to your expectations after giving them a chance, well, then no one would blame you for any decision you make.

I can tell you, though - regardless of how bug-ridden or bug-free Battleborn gets, the amount of code in a game like this is probably in the millions of lines. Coming from someone who has struggled with buggy programs in the thousands of lines of code, nothing of that size will ever be perfect - at least, not with the tech, languages, and tools in use today. The other thing to consider is that Battleborn itself is sitting on top of a 3rd party game engine which won’t be perfect either.

Personally, I think they’re doing a decent job in this department. While I’ve run into some bugs myself, there’s only one that has had a major impact on my play - I’ve done three runs of The Sentinel where the final boss became glitched and immortal, thus ending the mission without being able to kill him. That said, after the first time I saw it happen, I’ve asked every group that I get for that mission to be careful not to destroy the shard trees early, and the second two times were caused by one person ignoring me and doing it anyhow, and another person who outright said “Whatever, dude. I always destroy the shards and that never happens to me. Just f****** play.” and then he destroyed the shards early, bugged the fight, cursed at me, and left the game. The fix is to literally wait 10 seconds before shooting the shard trees. 10 seconds. I consider the second two bugged missions to be the fault of the players I was with at the time.

Is calling a game that is the standard AAA price, expensive really fair? Be definition its an average price.