Why is there a timed limit on sending gear out to friends?

Any ideas why this feature is limited?

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I assumed it was because there’s a limit on storage in your item inbox. It’s weird though, because pretty much anything else in your inbox is there forever.
I’d prefer they removed the time limit, though.


Rewards from quests are locally sent, items sent in the mail have to be stored by other means. If loads of items are sent over the next several years and never claimed the system would run out of storage and the system would bog down. A time limit makes sense.

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I remember someone commenting that they had found a limit to the in-box, at about 99 items iirc?

I don’t know why the time limit, other than maybe trying to persuade folks to not use it as an extra ‘bank’.


I think what the op is meaning is theres a cooldown on sending more items after a certain amount; in that regard it may be so that the person recieving the items has enough time to put them where they’d like them to belong, within the 7 day limit they have to keep them in the mail; or so that they dont overwrite items that the recieving party has in their own mail system. Items from shift such as early adopter rewards (cheddar shedder, diamond butt bomb, etc) dont have a limit as to when you can accept them

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Yeah, that’s understandable.

But with a sensible limit on size, it would make it easier to clear out stuff efficiently to friends…

There would still not be enough space, with all the RNG complexity, even if they gave me another whole bank.

Yeah that makes sense. Is it possible to force out someone else’s early adopter rewards?

If so might have to accept mine…

how does one send gear to friends?

What platform are you on…

While in a session, pause the game and go to the Social menu, across to Email. There should be a button/key shortcut listed to send. Then simply choose the item and a person from your friends list (both visible on the screen) and hit send.


does the person have to be online? i’m trying to get this trophy lol. i’m on ps4.

When you pause, you go to social. Under mail press square (PS4) and all your gear comes up and your friends list. Doesn’t matter if they are online or not. Click on a piece of equipment, select friend, and then confirm…

If PS4 is similar to XB1, you might find the list split between those on-line and off-line. But otherwise - as pointed out in the post above - no, they do not need to be on-line at the time.

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does the gear i want to send have to be in my inventory or can i send it from the bank?

Has to be backpack. It’s useful when farming a boss…

You can just send your duplicates out to friends…

I try to be a bit selective and send good quality items… Purple Anointed or Legendary…

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Yup. That’s exactly what would happen.

From your backpack Only I’m fairly sure.

I hope they will improve that list some day. If you are offline (PSN) you are still visible by your friends on the list. This should be changed.
Also the list should contain only your friends who played BL3, not the entire list. If someone is offline it takes too long to scroll down the list. there should be favorite list or something.

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Would you rather you were only visible if you were on-line? Any idea if the PS4 privacy settings come in to play with that?

I think the PS4 policy is that during an online game session you will appear online if that’s how the game is set up, even if you have privacy settings to appear offline…

If that makes sense…