Why is there camera lens flare in space?

Why do light sources give off camera glare (lens flare) while in space?

It looks silly, obstructs the scenery, and kills the atmosphere. Option to disable, please.

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Also the sound, can’t have the sound!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

PS look at the graphics options a bit closer.

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Why does all smoke pour in the same direction? There is no up in space!?!?!?! :blush:

Because it looks cool. Only reason required.

Why do you think there wouldn’t be glare in space? That’s a property of the cameras involved, not atmospherics. Unless, you’re talking about something else. Glare is vague enough that it can be misused in plenty of ways.

There isn’t an option to disable the lens flare.

It doesn’t. It looks sub-cool.

Because I’m not looking through a camera in space, I’m just looking in space. I’m referring to the lens flare. It’s not a positive enhancement to the scenery, it works against the sense of being in space because, as you said, it is a property of cameras. It isn’t visually contributing in any way, and is instead visually detracting.

That would be your own opinion. But I agree that an option for an effect that is traditionally contested would be nice.

I think for the same reason there was lens flare and anamorphic abberation in Wall-E.

JJ Abrams did the camera work :wink:

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I say again check the graphics options (hint turn them all off if you can’t figure it out)

I already literally did, and the lens flare didn’t turn off. There is currently no option to disable the lens flare.

Lens Flare is a result of glass refracting against not-glass.
It should actually be worse in a vacuum.

same reason there’s god rays without atmosphere

The view in space in Homeworld isn’t a camera with a glass lens. It’s simply in space.

another problem with camera is when you drag some units and try to rotate looks like camerasticks to some borders somtimes

There’s a small handful of people who know how a cornea and aqueous humour refracts light in a vacuum. Has anyone asked them?


Well, the view is neither a camera nor a humanoid eye. It is simply the view as from space.

The player is maneuvering in space and enjoying its atmosphere, but the game’s actual take on the controls during the campaign is that the mothership is sending out commands. The mothership is not floating around space with the view the player is seeing, but is commanding with a sight of mind more closely resembling the information of the tactical overview map. The player’s ability to be in space is an interpolation of the combined resources which the mothership’s mind/ship integration has access to. So lens flare is actually non-canon and story-breaking. It should be fully disabled on those grounds, but an option to turn it off would suffice.

And when playing a skirmish without a mothership, the view in space is still interpolation of all resources that make for the fleet’s ability to perceive and give commands.

There is no floating camera in space that runs on space magic and can pop from to and from all parts of the tactical map and game zone in a split second. Having lens flare in the Homeworld remaster (it isn’t in the original) is like painting lens flare on to scenic artwork in a museum. It’s ridiculous. It obstructs the scenery, it takes away the sense that this is out in space. It isn’t supposed to feel like being in a teleporting pod, or sitting behind a security screen, it’s supposed to be in space.

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I still haven’t figured out what lens flares you’re even talking about. The only lens flares I’ve seen so far in the game are tiny, exist only in the skyboxes, and are really unobtrusive. I could imagine complaining about lens flares if they looked like something out of the newer Crysis games or the infamous Battlefield 3 lens flares, but I’ve seen nothing of the sort.

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Yes, the ones in the skybox lightsources are the ones being talked about. They are obtrusive to looking at the space skyboxes, plus all the other reasons they aren’t conducive to gaming experience mentioned.

Ok, sorry. But it effects my setup. No idea how it is different then.