Why is there no option to play through story on tvhm on mayhem mode on PS4?

PC players have that option. Is this a bug or consoles are just missing this feature?

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Was just on Google news, PC only for some reason but not on console. So sucks to be us I guess.

I’m only level 32 so I won’t have the option for a bit, but, is it an either/or type deal on console or what? Meaning, once I get to level 50 am I offered the option for TVHM OR Mayhem mode on console (I’m on Xbox One)??

There’s so much conflicting info on this topic it’s hard to keep up or figure out what’s best to do. Once I hit level 50 I’m gunna want to start going for better loot and I’ve heard Mayhem is the way to go. Whether to go TVHM or not that’s what I’ve heard anyway. I also don’t want to start the story over on my first character as I’d also like to 100 percent everything. I think if I go TVHM it reverts me back to level 1, is this correct?

You can play Mayhem once you finish Story on TVHM (the same as Normal).

Because…PC Master race etc etc…

Yes you can! Beat the game on TVHM and once you select which Mayhem mode you would like to play on, reset the missions on the character selection screen.

This morning I submitted a ticket asking gearbox about this, they responded almost immediately.

Thanks for reaching out about your concerns with Mayhem Mode. While I unfortunately don’t have an answer for why PC players are able to activate it right after finishing the game the first time, I can confirm to you that it is intended that players finish the game on TVHM before getting the ability to go into Mayhem Mode. So you can take it as a " fortunate error" for the PC players, and not a negative one on yours.

Once you beat normal you can go to the mayhem console (in normal) to activate mayhem. You can switch that character to true in the title screen and start over on true if you want. However you can always go back to the main menu and switch back to your (finished) nvhm, any time you want to play it at the normal endgame (mayhem).

True is basically new game plus. So while story progress will start over, you will keep yor character level and gear. However as I said above switching between normal and true is a toggle on the main menu. So you can work on 100 percenting normal, and switch to true whenever you are bored with that and want to replay the story/sidequests. Also if are tired of working on conpleting true, you can just switch back to normal to work on that 100 percent or play mayhem mode. (As mayhem doesn’t unlock on true until you beat the game on true, unless you are on Pc which is bugged and allows pc players to activate mayhem on true the first time they get to Sanctuary.)

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That’s a stupid design then. Why would I want to play the story with zero difficulty settings when I can continue to play through normal with difficulty settings?

They need to change their intent. You can’t give people the benefits of Mayhem then take it away and expect everyone to be cool with it.

When the developers play their own game, they don’t activate mayhem when they play through TVHM?

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