Why is there no PvP mode?

At a loss why this game doesn’t have any PvP mode? Even Destiny (which has many of its own problems) has tons of PvP modes that Gearbox could easily duplicate.


Because its a pve focused game and always has been since the beginning?


lol pvp would be extremely unbalanced in this game… just no.

You can duel your friends if you want though.


If this game has PvP then expect nasty nasty nerfs on gears that don’t deserve it, ruin it viability on modes like M4. No PvP is also why I like this franchise…


That wouldn’t work out even remotely in terms of balancing.


Yeah… So these comments are extremely shortsighted and lacking in creativity. No reason PvP would be unbalanced or lead to gear nerfs. Could have standard gear be drawn prematch. Could have PvP gear and builds that are separated from the single player game. Could have two teams racing to beat PvE challenges. Lots of easy solutions.


No thank you.


Easy solutions lol. You describe a whole new game and call it an easy solution.

The imbalance extends far beyond just gear btw. That’s just under normal circumstances. Good luck dealing with all the exploits like shield stacking and crit swapping on top of it.


There’s connection issues on a four player scale in pretty much every aspect of the game . This place would become a salt mine , looking at you bungie forums , within days .

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Including either destiny game as an example is extremely short-sighted. Pvp is the main culprit of most of its nerfs. And they almost always hurt pve gameplay. Do you remember how weak shotguns were in pve for the majority of d1’s lifespan?


You misspelled “minutes”


This may come as a surprise, but there is actually a not insignificant group of players who don’t like, don’t play, and don’t buy PvP titles for the simple reason that PvP seems to bring out the worst in people.

Battleborn tried to mix PvE and PvP in the same game to cater to both groups, but balancing for PvP was often at odds with solo or co-op PvE. GBX compensated to some extent by making it easier to unlock your helix (game mechanic) quickly, but there were frequent - and sometimes extremely intense - debates on the forums about whether PvP balance was ruining PvE or if the need maintain PvE playability was holding back PvP. I’d honestly rather not go back to those sorts of debates.

Interestingly, there was a PvP mode a group of four could go into in BL1. I find it telling that such things never made it in to subsequent Borderlands games. Borderlands has always shone brightest as a co-op experience; I for one don’t see that there’s any real need to shoe-horn in a PvP element (other than duelling) to a game just because other titles have them. Heck, some games which focus on PvP have even dropped any pretence of a ‘story’ or solo campaign because no one seemed to play them.


I have played Destiny since the Alpha for D1.
I still play Destiny 2 and have the season pass for this year.
I used to carry out all activities on 3 characters every week, I now just do some basic bounties on a single character to support my clan.
Destiny has been on a downward spiral for the last 12 Months with Bungie throwing out haymakers like making the basic game free to play to keep player numbers looking bouyant.

Bungie now removes seasonal content, makes sweeping gear adjustments with some to pinnacle weapons people worked for months in some cases to obtain. Crucible PvP is a shambles and despite feedback in great detail nothing to fix the core issues gets done. Another round of weapon “Balances” has just been announced and the forums are aflame.

I Play Borderlands for some genuine gaming enjoyment, it does not need a PvP element and never has and to suggest the changes you do as easy solutions?

Well lets just say you should include your own comments in the short sighted category you accuse others of perpetuating.

Edit: Note what Vaulthunter says in the first paragraph, I used to do PvP but that now sums up part of the reason I don’t anymore.


I wish there was a way to scale down our characters for duels. I initiate duels almost every time i finish a proving ground or mission with other players online. Most don’t seem interested, but there are a handful of players that do seem to enjoy it. However, they are over so quickly! If Gearbox did decide to add Arenas, our characters could spawn in with only an ability and no perks (essentially a level 1 character). they could have either no guns equipped, or a low level pistol. Different guns could be dropped throughout the arena much like how weapon drops worked in the multiplayer of the old james bond games. This would essentially alleviate the need for any nerfs or buffs. It wouldn’t have any other use than challenging either people online, or friends. However, with that you could be able to place bets and wagers on the fight. I think this is a simple solution in terms of a realistic concept. Gearbox has shown support to the part of their community that enjoys PvP through the inclusion of Dueling. However, I do think that Arenas of some shape could add another layer to end-game, which i would happily play! Granted i understand that Borderlands has primarily been a PvE experience, and i get how a toxic player can completely ruin a person’s gaming experience. While i agree that PvP can bring out the worst in people, I also think that PvP can be a great experience where you can test your ability against other players online!

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THIS is a great idea.

Have pvp modes that use characters you quicksave for class abilities, and maybe have Bind on Account class mods and artifacts…

But everything else is either Bind on Character (or Account) or is found in the arena.

Maybe even have the arena start with gun and ammo/grenade and shield/healing vending machines that have identical items.


To clarify…when I say “quicksave for class abilities” I mean one of two things:


  1. There are bouts where you can have specific loadouts of skills that are preset by you, along with your cmod and artifact…but the rest will be random weapons, shield, and grenades (early on from vending machines).


  1. There are preset characters made by the company.
    Say you can play Fade away sniper Fl4k or Radiation Grenade Fl4k or RAKK SMG FL4K. Instead of balancing each build using every skill against one another, you could balance “whole builds” at, say, every 5 levels against one another. (So 3 builds per VH and at lvl 1, 5, 10, 15 etc).

It would limit creativity, but enhance overall pvp balance w/o screwing too much with pve balance vs mobs/npcs.


I really really like the idea of presets! The only potential issue would be balancing! the way i think the Arenas might work would be to drop 10 random guns, from the billions available. This would add randomness to each fight, and if mayhem modifiers we’re added to the bouts, it would increase the chaos even further!


Yet one last point:

It could be done that we start in arenas at lvl 1, but xp comes super fast for the arena.

Perhaps to the point that after 10 mins you are max level?

That could make things VERY interesting, especially as new items drop at your level. (And leveling might not even be tied to kills, as that would create too much of a “snowball” effect toward initial winners. Instead it could be a timed option, or a points based option from skills, kills, survival, etc…so that more than simple “wins” are awarded, and multiple play styles, like sniping, hit and run, tanking, etc. are rewarded).

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Imagine a PvP mode being introduced in Borderlands, while countless technical issues still plague certain platforms.

Imagine a PvP mode being announced while we all yearn for more Raid Bosses. At this point (timewise, not DLC-wise) we had at least 7, compared to our one.

Imagine a PvP mode being included in some update when that dedication could have been used to give us much needed endgame content. There’s only so many times one can run through a Trial only to end up with no significant loot before our brains implode.

No thanks.

PvP belongs in the tens of thousands of other games that have it.


I would want every one of your requests done well BEFORE a pvp mode.

But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have fun with a pvp mode on the side after they do fix those things.

Imagine if they’d given us a free pvp mini arena for our fun and for them to test things out in BL2 Lillith Commander Sanctuary (forget exact name).

Woulda been awesome…and not affect the PVE game. That’d be what I’m shooting for here.

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