Why is this game harder sometimes than others?

I swear to god this game is weird. I’m on TVHM Mayhem 3. I easily killed Captain Truant about 8 times in a row.

Quit. Reloaded. And all of a sudden he was a total tank who wiped the floor with me. I could barely put a dent in him.

I made no changes at all to my setup.

Does the game change it’s difficulty or something over time? Same thing happened a couple weeks ago with Gravewarden.

Mayhem has random modifiers, check your map to see them every time


Ahh. I did not know that. Thanks for letting me know!

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Be sure to open the map to check the modifiers and change your gear accordingly.


Does quitting and reloading change the modifiers? Cause I tried to do that a couple times and doesn’t work for me

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Yes it does.

Why? Do you feel the urge to do that? Aint you excited about the increase in diversity you receive? Arent the modifiers adding to your fun and entertainment?

Sorry, cant help the sarcasm. Also not really directed at you. Its for all the people who claim that Mayham is a great system, works as intended and the problem here are you and me for not liking it enough in order to reroll the modifiers


Vercuvian Mayham? :wink:

Even outside of Mayhem the game seems like it arbitrarily tries harder to kill me. Some days every solo low level fight is badasses, heavies, and super NOGs. I blame that bastard RNGesus.


I like the idea of Mayhem, but don’t like it relative to legendary drop rates that you need in order to be able to kill a boss with any random modifiers.

I’ve grinded for hours and hours to get good gear. Without using any of the cheesy offline hacks. I’ve gotten 2 or 3 good pieces of gear. Still haven’t gotten a Lyuda. I do, however, have a couple of good shock weapons that can take Traunt down pretty easy. Until I get the -50% shock damage reduction modifier.

This whole mayhem system really forces you to have the best of every weapon with multiple element versions to beat any boss. Which, given the drop rates I’ve been getting, makes BL3 look a lot like Vanilla WoW. Which I’m not keen on doing again lol.

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PS this latest roll was just epic. May as well have given me the “Enemies will anally penetrate you by 100%” modifier.



those are actually easy modifiers since you can destroy the field with kinetic damage, thanks for a great neck crack btw.

God, i wish i would get rolls like these. I always get those -50% to all guns and 45% more enemies health and ■■■■ like that. Your roll is perfect for my shredifier.

Yeah not sure what happened there. I uploaded it from my phone through the web browser and that’s how it posted it. Not sure why. I couldn’t change the orientation

Truant is a tank and I find the only way I can take down his shield is with shock damage. I’m playing Amara btw. Still a bit of a noob on how to best setup things. Every day I seem to watch ten new videos on “best builds” that just confuse the heck out of me :joy:

It could be worse: all weapons do -25% less gamage and Enemies have additional whatever gazillion points of health and shield (on top of the standard M3 default)

Don’t put much though about those youtube videos except for getting ideas for what you already have, they tend to be very specific in loadout and skill. MH3 requires most of all flexibility, I usually carry ~20 guns for use in different situations, most of them are redundant because I got a lot of fire weapons, but still having a variety of elements, bullet/laser, and short/long range weapons is a must.

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Since the mayhem system is pretty flawed a lot of people just reload the map until they get modifiers in their favor.

This makes the system obsolete imho.

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I agree, the Mayhem System is awful. Averaging out the modifiers to a set +HP/ Shield/ Armor would be a preferable implementation. You know, like Diablo already proved works with Torment levels.

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good point. They copied a lot from diablo but couldn’t get it quite right.

Imho it would be enough to make the enemies harder by augmented shield and health like you said.

The debuff to the player seems really unnecessary like this post shows. On top of that you don’t get better loot with higher debuffs. It stays the same the whole time.

It would have been way more fun if they just added buffs instead. Maybe a single one only at the time. Like 50% dmg increase with pistols and that’s it.

This is what I do. Unfortunately load times on an Xbox One S are abysmal. Every tile I quit to reroll the modifiers it takes me 2-3 minutes.

It isn’t a good mechanic if it incentivizes quitting and reloading as part of the gameplay loop. Period. If game design is a science, this is as hard as it gets.

You can maybe come up with a way to skirt the line if you can somehow guarantee that different sets of modifiers are equally beneficial or damaging, but that certainly is not going to be achieved by providing direct benefit or malus to a weapon type.

Builds are frequently set around a type of weapon. The items themselves are designed that way. I personally have a class mod that provides SMG damage. I use SMGs. If I get Mayhem modifiers that kill SMG damage, it’s BS.

My Vault Hunters, Moze and Zane, are heavily built around Incendiary and Cyro damage. Those are fundamental aspects of the classes, especially Moze who has strong incendiary damage presence in every tree. If I get modifiers that kill incendiary or cryo damage, it’s BS.

Imagine a modifier that made it impossible to land a critical hit. Sure some builds can survive, but you may as well say Zane CCC builds, Moze marksman builds, and most FL4K builds need not apply. It would effectively render entire talents useless. Imagine Mayhem Modifiers that randomly select your talents and turn them off.

None of it is engaging. It’s all frustrating BS that stifles personal play styles and builds, and introduces not playing the game, reloading, as part of the gameplay loop.

Don’t force me to play the game in a certain way. I’m going to do that on my own, IF and WHEN I choose to. Not because your half-baked nail bomb of a game mechanic, Gearbox.