Why is this game missing so many basic features?

Let me start by saying i do like this game but the amount of features you would expect to be in this sort of game is confusing. Some examples

A way to report players- I am constantly getting people who just quit out or afk a losing match because they know they will get away with it

matchmaking for hardcore/advance missing- really silly that i have to go outside the game to try and find people to do these with

proper matchmaking- way does the game start a pvp match if someone has disconnected and way will the gamer throw 2-3 players into a mission instead of waiting for five?

I’m sure there are other things I’m forgetting but these 3 are the biggest i can think of. I really enjoy this game but but its lack of features that any good multiplayer game should have are making me regret my purchase

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I can’t say Battleborn was rushed, I don’t know what kind of schedule they were working with when they started and finished production, but it feels like some features had to be waived for the release. I’d also wager that, being that this is gearbox’s first attempt at such an online medium, there’s things they’re still learning. I’m sure that with time, these missing features will be addressed and implemented, in some way, shape, or form.

This has been asked a lot, I fear this game to turn as toxic as Boobs of Legend if we have a report feature.

This is supposed to be released next patch I believe

I’m still wondering about this…

What platform are you on? Cuz at least today for me, every time there’s been even 1 disconnect in the character select screen, it’s kicked everyone out for XB1.

As for the report feature, I see where you’re coming from, but too often I see report buttons being abused.

To answer your third question (“why will the game throw 2-3 players into a mission instead of waiting for five?”), the answer is simple: time. Also, game scales dynamically with the number of players. More players will face more enemies, less players will face less. Simple.

i understand that but the game should wait a little longer than it does at least five minutes. Even thought the game scales it is still more fun with 5 people that with 2