Why is this lootpocalypse gypping us on gear!?

I want to know why this lootpocalypse is different. Why you are only just now giving us the faction packs everyone feels never should of vanished in the first place. Then chargin full price for them on the one event they are supposed to be cheaper!?

Who does this help?
Faction packs are supposed to be 950 on lootpocalypse not 1900.
Veteran players have legendaries they have been trying to get for over half a year with no luck. They have been saving credits just for today, and you are literally cutting their chances of finally getting their gear in half.

How does this help the new players? The ones who are behind on sticking gear compared to the veterens who have been playing all this time? How does this help them keep up?

What was the point of a increase of credit gains if you are going to increase the pack price to? That is inflation, in a video game! Why!?

Everyone has been telling new players wanting to know how to catch up on gear to play story and save up their credits for today. Now they are going to run out seeing all these packs they have never seen before, and pay full price blowing through all their credits without knowing they are wasting their hard earned wealth. They have spent a whole month saving up since lootpocalypse, and now you are literally causing them to of waste two weeks of grinding. Why!?

I want to know why. If you can’t explain why them fix the prices to how they are supposed to be before more damage is done.

I would avoid sweeping statements like:

To the point though, having faction packs allowed players to mainline all of the skins and taunts by aiming at factions they had the least for (and mainlining legendaries). When they were on sale for 950, players with lots of credits (especially those who had most skins and taunts) could buy them endlessly. I did this myself, buying hundreds of jennerit packs just for a legendary I didn’t have.
Maybe this isn’t what they intended - maybe they’re hoping for it to be more of a drawn out processes rather than rushing to the end result (and actually making legendaries a big deal not just a different tier).
If new players want to get faction-specific items, 1900 isn’t a bad price especially since if they get something they already have-they’re almost refunded the 1900 credits (maybe this is just my opinion though).

Nice of you to be looking out for the new players, these are just my two cents though.

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Even with it working like this. It feels highly unfair to deprive new players of that same experience.

I wish they could buy packs endlessly during this event. Because to me, it feels like there is a divide between between players and new players on a social level.
New players don’t get to play with veteran players regularly because the veterans can only offer them advice on how to best play a character, but can’t give them the gear to match that advice.

I know there are many cases where I have wanted to add a new player to my regular group but know I can’t because the others will refuse. Not because they don’t have faith that the player will get better the more they play with us, but because we feel that the very real gear disparity puts them at a disadvantage that we can’t even help them with.

I want all the new players to be on a more even playing field so that we can finally have more new players intertwined with old players. Instead of it always being the pub stomp versus the level 20s

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Faction Packs have a low chance of producing a legendary. This has been the same, even through Lootpocalypses, since launch. They were never meant as a way to grind for legendary gear. Mostly, Faction Packs were a provision to hunt for different types of gear, or most commonly, faction-specific skins or taunts (which is what most players miss them for, other than flawed shard generators).

By the way - The Faction Packs for sale are not to be confused with the Commander Faction Packs, which can be awarded from a number of sources, including ranking up Characters past 15 or playing an operation to 100 ops points. The Commander Faction Packs are the ones that got the rarity bonus for lootpocalypse.

Core Packs have a much greater change to produce Legendary gear, and as well, have a much greater chance to produce gear better than common gear, making them far better at helping new players “catch up” when trying to build a loot set. Unless you are skin or taunt hunting, Core Packs are the way to go overall.

The credit gain increase, as we’ve talked about on the live stream and other places, was done in a way that increased the credits gained from Versus play, in order to allow dedicated Versus players still earn enough credits to buy packs and keep up with the gear grind.

Inflation? Hardly. Core packs are priced such that you earn about 1 per hour. A Core Pack guarantees at least one Rare item, and three items that can be common but have a far greater chance at being better than common than the previous Rare packs. So, call the “Core Pack” the improved “Rare Pack”. The previous Rare Pack took about 3 hours to earn, and yielded less quality gear.

I know it might look like inflation if you don’t look closely, but it isn’t. You’re getting a much better deal for gear here.

Playing story is still the best way to earn gear, and the ONLY way to earn legendaries that drop from story mission bosses. Gear drop in story missions is also high overall. If you’re just wanting to improve gear fast, playing story missions is a great tactic, ESPECIALLY on lootpocalypse weekend.

Also - Stack loot boosters. You really want to grind legendaries? If you have 3 or more party members running loot boosters, you get an Epic pack + a Faction Pack for every win. Epic packs have a pretty good chance of dropping a legendary as well, so those are pretty nuts.

Or, if you’ve saved up credits, you can just flat out buy Legendary packs. Saves you all the time and much of the random chance, but will cost you in Credits.

TL;DR - Lootpocalypse is still a huge boost in the way gear is earned. The new Core Packs simplify the gear system and increase your odds of getting better stuff consistently, for a cheaper price than before.


Thank you for the reply. However, I don’t quite agree with this reasoning.
Core packs and legendary packs may have a higher chance at a legendary I get that. However, when it comes to getting a specific faction legendary, the faction packs even though they aren’t commander packs had a better chance at giving you the legendary you are looking for.
If someone wants a voxis core, if they do get a legendary out of the 15 packs they could buy at 950 then they have a 1/7 chance of it being voxis core. If it doesn’t drop a legendary then they will have epics, rates, and skins and taunts from that faction as a consolation for not getting what they wanted.

But if we buy an legendary pack, I just wasted 15000 credits for a 1/58 chance at getting the legendary I want. Sure, I have a guaranteed legendary, but if it’s one I already have, one I don’t want, or the lowest roll possible… legendary packs give you a consolation prize if a rare and 3 commons and is a real slap in the face.

Now for general gear, buying a lot of core packs would definitely be the better option compared to faction packs. Even so, it’s price should be reduced for an event as well. Especially since they still draw from the entire loot pool meaning that farming for faction specific epics is very hard to do from core packs, while faction packs allow them to do just that.
If they want offensive epics, they can buy a bunch of Jennerit faction packs.

New players can’t farm commander packs, or at least not all of them. Some may have purchased the season pass but not all of them.

People have been telling people to save their money and I am glad the drop rates are increased, but I want that money to go as far as possible since another lootpocalypse will take 2 months or so.

That sounds like an utterly painful way to spend saved-up credits. :slight_smile: We likely won’t be relying on faction packs for this kind of grind. It was one of the reasons we exchanged them for the Core Packs to begin with.

Your other requests are noted.


@Jiveinator definitely know what you mean about trying to get all the legendaries. I still till this day haven’t collected them all but I don’t mind since I mostly use legendaries for PVE only. This answer may not pertain to you but hopefully if it does, it helps you out from a fellow player to player standpoint. The faction packs were great to get those specific faction gear but my RNGness was extremely poor when it came to getting the legendaries. I actually had better luck getting legendaries from core packs. Before the PS4 qualifiers half my team didn’t have any gear at all and we were able to get all the gear we needed from the core packs within a weeks notice to do extremely well in the tournament. That being said, it’s more about the player than the gear but besides that, the core packs DO help out a lot. If half our team were able to get the majority of decent gear we needed from core packs… which we only played about 2-3 hrs a day… I’m sure new people will be ok getting the gear they need to handle PVE & PvP mode. Again, this is just my opinion from a fellow player.


This is really good to hear. Okay, with all these responses I think I feel a lot better about the whole thing. Thank you.


Core packs kinda feel pointless for veteran players, as we already have most of the gear we need. For new players though, it’s great. It gives a nice variety of loot and they are easy to obtain. Especially with the main quests giving players a ton of credits for just playing the game, even if there’s limited amount of main quests they still give a very generous amount of credits.

For the veteran players need for very specific loot, we just have to farm command packs and hope for the best. Not too bad since it only takes about 15 minutes to do an OMvBS run at 100 ops.


Oh yeah, @Jiveinator if you are trying to get a specific gear then you could try loot boosting. Get 5 friends together and all use loot boosters in bots battle. Three people go Pendles and play capture. You’ll win in 4 minutes and get one core pack, one epic, and one command pack that has a chance to become a legendary pack (my experience with it is it’s about a 1/5 chance to give a legendary pack over a command pack) It’s how I FINALLY got my flawed, max role, rouge boots. Took me months to get those babies.


RE: The title “Why is this lootpocalypse gypping us on gear!?” -

I just wanted to share the origin of the word “gypped” with you, just so you know what it means when you use it…


I’m not here to police your language, you use whatever words you want. But you decide if you want to keep using it after learning about what the word actually means.


I spent everything I had (500k) on legendary packs only. The packs are very expensive. However, I don’t feel cheated on their price as a veteran player.

That’s gonna be me too! As a Veteran player, what else can I spend credits on? I have almost every piece of gear in the game except for 4 legendaries lol

Might as well throw the money at Legendary Lootpacks and see if out of the 30+ I can at least manage to get 1 or 2 out of those 4.

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On a related note, does anyone else have the perception that Commander packs have drop rates tailored towards particular Legendary gear?

To be specific, I feel like the drop rate on the new Legendary gear introduced by the Ops releases is far higher than other Legendaries. Legendary packs seem to have a much more even distribution.

This was very easy to observe back before the WU hit and Ps4 had that nifty little glitch for a few days where all non-UPR commander packs were guaranteed a Legendary drop. So many Culling Spike and Lenore’s Laments… at the time I chalked it up to possibly having something to do with the glitch that was guaranteeing the drop rate, but I observed similar rates this time around (admittedly, the chances are higher with the introduction of yet more Ops legendary gear with the addtion of two more ops).

Last time i opened up some legendary packs i got a lot of the same story ops legendarisch :confused:

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3 solar sustainers for me so far

And 4 vampiric vestments

Yeah from what I gather from the data I use on my website, new legendaries have a much higher weighting than old legendaries. Prior to Ops coming out, it was much harder to get loot pack legendaries so while I think the goal was to make it easier to get the new ones (to avoid situations like that first week of Thrall Rebellion where ppl questioned their existence), its sort of had the reverse effect since people get them after a couple of packs and then go back to chasing the old ones. It doesn’t help that some factions have more possible legendaries in them than others :confused: