Why is this the only game that keeps saying there is a problem with my internet connection?

When I get to the starting screen, the game begins to sign me in, then it says there is an issue with my internet connection. I sign out go back in again, then it signs me in, and tells me that my NAT is strict, I select “no”. It starts saying that it is creating a lobby, then it comes back up and says that my internet connection has an issue. The other message it likes to give me is that “the server has reported an internal certificate error”. We play online games all the time. I have never had this problem. I can play PVZ 2 and Battlefront right now! My concern is that this is going to continue if I buy the actual game. I have had the Battleborn beta for about 27 hours. We have played 2 times. If my wife doesn’t have a chance to play, we can’t buy! Thanks for your help in advance.

the borderlands franchise (developed by the same people) has always been weird with what ports it requires to operate. I have no idea if they have released a list of necessary ports but if you are desperate you can always try logging into your router to open the ports for borderlands 2 or Borderlands the Pre Sequal.

-edit- try these first it claims to be the correct ports


Thank you, I will try this.