Why is this topic at the very bottom, after all online topics?

Are categories going to be grouped together, so we can choose not to see them? I hope so.


I was wondering the same thing, seek awkward. I think they added it last is all.

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Yeah, it should be higher up… at least above the different online play sections

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soft launch is…ermm…soft…ish…I dont know where i was going with that, But yeah ^ those

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lol, they probably forgot about it. If nothing else I hope they start grouping forums again.

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You know, instead of being endlessly pedantic, you could politely ask them to move it up :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a soft-launch. It’s not the full launch. Things aren’t finalised yet. There will be issues. Why are you acting like you were promised some perfect no-bugs fully-featured forums?

Instead of commenting on every post I make about stuff that needs to be addressed, you could start making suggestions yourself. I know it is soft launch, that means that stuff is not set in stone, and can change. But stuff will not change if we do not tell them to change them.

Three well known and respected members agree that this is weird. But if nobody points it out, it will likely stay as it is. I’d rather see it fixed sooner (during soft launch) rather than later.

I commented on a grand total of two posts, one of which I partially agreed-with. You should calm down!

There aren’t many suggestions I can think of that others have already made. You shouldn’t be so quick to tell me what to do.

I don’t care how respected or well-known members are. These are new forums, not some elitist club which you have to be “in” to matter :stuck_out_tongue: (nevermind that the old forums have a lot of sections, and you’re not going to know who’s “well known” in all of them).

Tell GBX everything you find questionable! I was just questioning your criticism of this place being finished when GBX never promised a finished product.

If you want to continue this, I’ll gladly take it to PM. I agree that the ordering could do with tweaking.

I am not criticizing this place. It’s going to be the new BL forum board, which I enjoy spending time on. I do have some gripes with some options in forum post creation, because I am trying to port my guides from the old forum. I’m not complaining about missing kitten emojis or other useless features. I am just pointing out stuff that is necessary/useful to have, because their absence hinders thread porting. I don’t have anything to take to PM.
I’ll continue to create threads on stuff I think this place needs. Unless I hit my daily limit, that is. :smile:

What is the daily limit, by the way? Is it just on creating threads? I’ve seen people mention it, but I haven’t encountered it while posting.

There is a limit to how many threads you can create in a day. I hit it for today and cannot port anything else from the old forum.
From what I saw, there was a post limit as well, but they seem to have turned it off for now.

They have it just below the classes for the other games, hopefully they get around to moving it up on here as well soon.

@Jeffybug - Is there any way to move the Loot Chat to where it was originally on v.b? Right after the character subforums?

Moved :smiley: