Why is Whiskey Foxtrot the one character that can't hold down the trigger/mouse to fire repeatedly?

Literally EVERYONE else, from Marquis’ sniper to Benedict’s rocket launcher to Isac’s bigass tank cannon, can fire while the button is still pressed. It makes no sense why WF has this arbitrary and irritating limitation. There is already a forced delay between bursts so you can’t rapidly click to fire faster, so what’s the point of needing to click every time you fire when literally no one else in the game has to aside from Thorn and Toby, who both have charging mechanics on their shots. This is the one thing putting me off from playing WF because it makes him a chore to play, there’s no reason to require another button press after each burst when no one else in the game follows this rule.


That’s just how burst fire weapons have always worked in games. I haven’t played many shooters but I remember the BR in Halo 2 required a trigger pull for each burst, COD games are the same, Titanfall… really any title I can think of that has burst fire weapons has you do each with a separate fire action.

I always figured Whiskey (tango) Foxtrot’s burst fire was to help make him play different than Oscar Mike.

There are 25 Battleborn in the game (so far)… there is nothing saying you have to like and play all 25. If Whiskey’s weapon annoys you, don’t play as him.


I feel like they should change it to fire automatically, I’d love to see Gearbox respond on that. Why not? In his case it makes way more sense for it to keep firing, there is virtually no reason to fire one burst and no harm in firing an extra one every now and then. I love the character except for this function.

Wow, and I could have sworn sniper rifles aren’t fully auto in any of those games you listed but I could be wrong. So what’s the reasoning for Marquis sniper rifle not requiring a separate pull of the trigger.

Also XR-2 in BO3 doesn’t require a trigger pull between bursts.

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Simple. Because Robot.


Isic and Toby both require you to pulse the trigger in order to fire.

??? On ISIC, this is not the case (since otherwise you could never over-charge his cannon). I haven’t played Toby (not even unlocked yet).

Yes, it is. You overcharge and you fire. If you’re not releasing and re-charging him, you’re not using him correctly.
The end result is the same, you have to re-click over and over and over again while using him.


Perhaps more to the point, it’s how burst fire weapons work in Gearbox games (meaning primarily the Borderlands franchise, which seems to have an influence on many of the weapon design choices in this game.)

Not ISIC, I mean yes for the bigger blast but it’s automatic if you want it to be. Toby and Thorn I get because it offers charge up bonus. Anyway there is no reason for the stream to stop with Whiskey as opposed to those examples so he should function automatically if you hold the trigger. Either that or I’d appreciate less of a gap between trigger pulls, it really is irritating.

You can fire small stuff WHILE charging and then when you want let go and fire the big thing

Mentioned in the opening post. Those are special because they have charge mechanics. I’m pretty sure Whiskey’s rifle doesn’t have a charge meter.

If you’re using automatic fire on Isic, you’re horribly misusing him and your DPS is crap.


Also Kleese with the charged laser helix (why I don’t use it) and probably Thorn as well. D’oh, charge mechanics. I should lern 2 reed.

So if you don’t use characters because you have to click your button in order to do something, then why is WF somehow special? You have 3/4 with their best helix option that you avoid playing, but somehow WF needs to be patched?

I personally don’t want him to rapid fire, because I max out his attack speed, and if he starts double-firing when I pull the trigger, I’ll be missing shots because I won’t have time to re-settle when firing at longer ranges.

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Any comparison to his gun and someone with a charged ability is missing the OP point.

I’ve never used him but I assume his rifle just shoots bullets…like 90% of the guns in this game. For every other character you can just click and hold and continue to auto fire until you run out, Whiskey apparently needs to click click click for every single round of shots.

This sounds like an oversight on design. I mean even Marquis’ pistol continues to shoot if you hold down the mouse I’m pretty sure, you don’t need to keep clicking every shot(although I think I do because of past games pistol mechanics heh).

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it has a burst of…3? and i think the point is that you need to click of every burst i dont really get it because…you know STUFF

Ahhh it shoots in burst fire mode? That makes sense then, I don’t see how they could really change it then.

I thought he meant it just fired single shot bullets with every click.

Because there is no gameplay purpose for his gun to be like that. Toby, Thorn, Isac, and Kleese have charge mechanics so it makes sense, but when they don’t have a charge mechanic, such as Kleese’s regular weapon or Isac’s ult, they can hold the triggers down.

Well I guess the programmers who made Black Ops 3 must be computing geniuses because through some loophole in the space time continuum they managed to make a burst fire gun fire in bursts while holding the trigger down.

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