Why ISIC can backdoor, seriously?

I just had a match where the opponent was backdooring with ISIC… While I like backdooring, I think ISIC backdooring is just crap.

Why ? Well take a look at the other characters who can backdoor :

-Caldarius : low health, moderate damage output, moderate accuracy, quick and small.
-Deande : low health, moderate damage output, bad accuracy with her secondary fire (it’s hard to take down the trumper turret with her, for example), somewhat quick and small.
-Thorn : only at level 7, moderate health, no shield, high damage output, high accuracy, quick and small.
-Mellka : moderate health, no shield, low to moderate damage output, moderate accuracy, quick and small.
-Orendi : only at level 3 (with a good timing), low health, moderate to high damage output, moderate accuracy, quick and small.
-Attikus : high health, high damage output but only at close range, slow and big.
-Benedict : moderate health, high damage output, good accuracy, somewhat slow and big.
-Kleese : moderate health, low to high damage output (with his charged shot), good accuracy, slow and big.

And ISIC : high health, high damage output, good accuracy, slow and big… But he can activate his wards to protect himself and go quickly through the map with his dash.

My point is, most of them are “feeble” characters that emphasize on speed. With most of them, you take 2 or 3 sentry sniper shots and you’re dead. If it’s not the case, then you have slow characters with a big hitbox like Kleese or Attikus. The major problem with ISIC is his wards, they make him nearly invicible for some time so he can escape without taking any damage and backdoor again after that. Moreover, his dash is too quickly. For example, you’re a sitting duck if you try to escape with Kleese or Benedict but not with ISIC because he can instantly teleport himself near his sentry.

I really have no problem with backdooring, it’s just ISIC doing it seems somewhat broken…

I have lots of problems with it, the broken UI indicators and the glitched spots where players can unload on the sentry while taking no damage are at the top of the list…

The fact that it makes certain characters much more powerful for nothing to do with their ability against any other character is certainly one of the things that rubs me the wrong way too though.

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Idk I think OM’s backdooring is worse way worse OM can literally kill the sentry alone with air strike and his grenade

Well Oscar isn’t really backdooring. But yeah hé is broken for that.

Wait someone back door’d with Caldarius and none of your team realized this in the 10m it would take him.

He was just giving examples of chars who could backdoor

I’ve already gotten into a big discussion about this on the forums so I won’t go into a huge debate here. Suffice to say I think the problem is less ISIC and more that the Sentries just are not dangerous enough. The fact that a single Battleborn can take down the Sentry, whether that be ISIC, Oscar Mike, or anyone, is a problem IMO.

I would suggest Sentry shields be buffed against Battleborn attacks (not minions) and that they be a lot more aggressive about targeting, maybe even give them some kind of AOE mortar attack. Right now it is way too easy to poke out of the tunnel or the ledge above the second sentry, pop some ults/abilities, and then go back into safety.

Basically, being able to backdoor the Sentry should be a strategy but it should take more like 3 Battleborn working together, not one. Then the lane would be left largely defenseless so you’d have to make the choice between trying to backdoor a very tough and dangerous Sentry without minion support or defend your lane properly because maybe while you’re trying to backdoor the Sentry, your opponents will push the minions through and they’ll have a much easier time taking down your Sentry thanks to their minions.

Ideally, the team pushing should have the advantage as backdooring should always be a last resort option and should not become the standard way of playing. Otherwise they might as well just get rid of the minions from Incursion altogether. As the game stands, I am seriously concerned that backdooring is going to become the meta as right now it is just way too easy.

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Honestly, incursion is just a snoozefest in general. Remove backdooring and all you get is an even more prolonged 20minute stalemate at that cliff corner.