Why isn’t Iron Cub with Cap Armature or Corrosive Sabots “the Meta”


I guess if I wasn’t an idiot and could actually READ…I would have known that. For some reason in my head it was simply “Moze Damage”

Yes… after respecting to no points (4 tcp 1 fitsd)and other gear… micro nades went from dealing 22k to 55k with the anoint alone.

With the second test matching a cub anointed cryo faiser + nade anoint - w/o = 13k cub active = 85k

*edited on account of guardian rank


Same thing fully equipped w/o ic = 220k, with ic active = 536k

Faiser pairing - 172k / 845k

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@Steeveyb I love it when the answer to the question “Why?” is: “Because Borderlands.” :rofl:

I am serious. Not a joke. This is actually why I love this franchise. If you want to understand how it works, don’t read the card. Play-test it yourself, then formally test it yourself, then watch a YT video on it, then read the forums, then message your friend, and then you’ve figured it out.

I mean, it kinda pisses me off that BL is so opaque, but I also love it because the game rewards knowledge - even though it has absolutely no reason to work like that other than spaghett.

EDIT: Perhaps rather than saying it’s why I “love” the franchise, it’s probably better to say that it’s why I find the franchise “endearing.”


Then you dance around the campfire chanting booola…boooola 3 times…then ask your favorite hair stylist, then see if it’s the 3rd Tuesday of the month…of a leap year…and it’s only 71 degrees in Disneyworld…in July…

THEN you have really figured it out…

course that changes with Hotfix #20034

followed quickly by Hotfix #20035


I think this is when its weapons are on cooldown. I use a lot of Salamander with Iron Cub, and for tanky enemies, it’ll just unload until it’s out, and won’t take cover or anything while on cooldown. With “My Little Friend” (the extra fire Vladof rifles), it will still fire those until its main weapons are recharged.

I find Iron Cub is more like Deathtrap than the pets in BL3 in that it can’t be directed (well, Deathtrap could be directed once per summon). Sometimes I ignore it while it does its thing. Sometimes I go full support role (which consists mostly of re-igniting as many enemies on fire as possible constantly: Biofuel regenerates health, Never Going To Give You Up regenerates fuel, Superior Firepower buffs its DoT, and Running on Fumes pauses its countdown. I may add a Piss grenade to soften targets for it.

My favorite weapon for this is the Leech’s Taser - get a headshot, and get a constant supply of ‘free’ crits and burn applications. The burn reapplication buffs are mentioned above; crits will trigger Redistribution for health regen (shield with a Bloodletter, plus the Taser’s life steal feeds shields too). With a bottomless mags build, tasers regenerate constantly enough that you can have one on an enemy at pretty much all times.

This anointed fella was teleporting around, but the taser stuck in his head followed him. Iron Cub lasts a long time like this.


I have been using IC since I got the Season Pass 2. Can go with any build: Bloodletter, Blast Master, Mindsweeper, you name it. And added Eternal Flame ASE to the game.

I am so used to IC that I went to farm a Flame COM to use by default, but Rocketeer IB is better imo because the skills on the COM are better and IB can use both shock and corrosive Railguns at the same time. Due to “meta” being optimal setups, I cant see IC beating Rocketeer IB for now, especially with Fire in the Skag Den and its Mayhem Scaling.


Maybe build diversity?

Unlike other vhs, Moze doesn’t need her 4th tree to be endgame-viable. I think there is a group of players that gravitated towards her because of this.

Outside of k6’s videos, you can’t even find a lvl 72 build that doesn’t utilize the 4th tree for the other vhs. It’s like they didn’t even bother lol.

I think there’s a reason for that.

@jc415 Let me be clear - are you saying that most builds posted on YT use the purple tree? Because I am pretty sure I don’t agree with that. Barely any Fl4k builds use the purple tree, the strongest Moze build I have played personally does not use purple at all (or at least doesn’t require it), and Amara has builds that work just fine without purple.

The only VH that really needs purple to be at their strongest is Zane.

But maybe I misunderstood your point?

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You’re right. I did find k6 did a series of videos on base game 72 builds.

Amara kinda struggles with bossing without purple tree, well at least purple tree gives her an easy solution to bossing. It’s also a pretty massive buff for facepuncher builds. She doesn’t need it but it certainly makes her life easier.

But by the same token Moze gets Big Surplus AKA Skag den 2.0 out of Purple tree so while she doesn’t need it, non IB builds certainly benefit a lot from it.