Why isn't "Friends Only" an option in the multiplayer connections on PS4?

Not only do we not have a server list to browse, we can’t even join our friend’s game without sending them a message asking to invite us. Why can’t there be a “friends only” option like there was in EVERY OTHER Borderlands game?

Why in 2019 am I having to use the console text messaging system to ask for an invite?

Default is invite only, the next option is “everyone on the planet”. Can’t there be something in between?

Edit - this appears to be PS4 only. That makes this issue even more baffling.


I’m pretty sure “Open” is friends. I keep mine on open and have never once had a random person join. I would have to go to the matchmaking section for that.

In the social menu, you can set your game to: open, friends only, invite only, offline, or lan.

You can also join your friend’s game through the social menu as long as they are set to open, or friends. I assumed the matchmaking (which I’ve never used) probably works in conjunction with it. I always just join friends through the social menu, or my friends list.


I never have to do this. We Skype before we get set up, as sometimes there are writs in ESO that she-who-will-not-be-named has to finish, but we all login to the game in general, and when the “host” is in, we all just go to social and hit “join”…and then we hop into the B3 universe.

The whole invite thing occasionally comes into play when the host hasn’t actually logged into their game yet. Or so it looks like to me.

I’m guessing you play on PC and not Console like the OP said he was?

The process is a lot worse on consoles (PS4 at least). Even if we’re in a PS4 Party together chatting, there’s still invites and overhead.

But if the poster above is right and Open actually means Friends Only, then that’s great but they should really make that more clear.

I play on xbone, so my post above is about xbone. It sounds like PC works similiarly. So I don’t see why PS4 wouldn’t. However if you truly can’t join friends through the PS4 friendlist, or the BL3 social menu (when your friend’s game is set to either open or friends only), then that does suck.

PS4’s social options are just Local (no connections), Invite Only, and Open.

The assumption from the names is that Open would allow randoms to join my game, not just friends. That’s the way all of my friends interpreted it, so everyone just ignored it.

So, if the above poster is correct, Open should work as randoms wouldn’t be able to join anyway. I’ll have to test it now. If it’s Friends Only though it should just say Friends Only, or they should add it as a separate option, which appears to be the case on PC and Xbone.

If I’m playing with friends we get in a party first, then invite party to game is best way to set it up I find

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On xbone when i press Y (on main menu or in the start menu) to edit my group options the settings are (I just logged in and double checked):

Friends only
Invite only
Open to public
Local only


(It has nothing to due with using the game’s matchmaking section)

If you don’t have all those options on Ps4, then I am sorry about that, as they are very basic settings.

PS4 starts with invite only. It’s missing that “friends only” option.

Crap. I’m really sorry to hear that.

I wish I can send a message to my friends without physically in their game on PC.

It’s kind of irratiing that you need to be in game to be able to chat on PC.

Don’t even get me started on voice chat.

The joke is we used steam to voice chat…

I have never tried in-game chat. It’s not practical since most of the time some of us are still finishing up in various other games. Often someone is messing with e-mail, someone else is in ESO, someone else is dinking around in B3.

We generally all get on Skype and then start playing. Up-side is that if someone’s game crashes, they can still participate in the conversation.