Why isnt there a random anointment device that takes Eridium?

Seems like this simple solution would solve more than one of the problems the game suffers from and end game.

Walk up to the device - Select the item to put in it - Eridium is deducted - random anointment is rolled and placed on the item (replacing any that existed before).


the more it rolls the more it costs


Gearbox yes this please thank you.

I mean seriously, how much change in behavior would you see in gameplay? People would farm for their favorite parts role on an item, and then they would go and kill bosses, do various events, do the takedown for eridium, etc. I know it would be pretty cool to get a one-time only quest item and be okay with that because I know I could start rerolling for the annoyment I want, rather than load a cloud save and turn the quest in again

Edit: lol changed boxes to bosses

Or they will save/quit farm this machine instead. Or will figure out how to dupe eridium. Etc.

Perhaps you are correct and it will change behavior somehow. But I’m pessimistic here - it will be exploited to the max, IMHO.

Someone who does that is going to cheat, dupe, etc regardless.

Adding a change like the one in my OP will keep players who want to stay away from cheats and dupes, from feeling like the need to. Why do they feel like they need to?

  • First you have to farm the weapon you want.
    — If the weapon drops, it has to have an anointment on it or its worthless
    ------ If it doesnt have the anointment you need for your build its garbage.
    --------- THEN after GB adds another couple levels to the game you have to repeat this!!!

The amount of items with anointments that end up being worthless in this game is insane.

The number of legit players who dont like to cheat who feel like they need to just to get the item they want to play with is growing. And that is bad. Its bad game design. “Ive found this weapon over 50 times and it still doesnt have the stats I need for my build, why should I need to farm it even 1 more time?” are the thoughts going through these peoples heads. And I agree. Farming ONE item that many times or more, is just bad design.

Meanwhile, we have a worthless currency (yet again) – Eridium.

All Im asking for is a legit system to spend it on, while still keeping the RNG (but not as painful) and still needing to farm the ACTUAL item.


Even if it is - is that really a problem? It’s a PvE game - I would say the various benefits to the players outweigh any potential drawbacks from whatever exploits might be found down the road.

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Most people arent going to go through the trouble of exploiting eridium to use an RNG machine.
They are just going to use the trainers/cheats/etc out there to give them the weapon they want to use with the stats they want. Because its faster, with zero RNG.

Im willing to bet that the number of players who decide NOT to cheat/exploit because of a feature like this being added will be greater than those that DO end up exploiting and cheating if it doesnt get added.


I would use an rng machine. That’s basically what I’m doing by savequit farming.

I don’t like the idea of cheating, even if it gives me a game I would legitimately find. As such, a machine build on in game mechanics makes sense and encourages me to stay within the borders of the game in the first place.

I have never and will never chrat on this game.

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I understand that some people WANT this. I disagree that they NEED it. Also, I happen to think that the number of these people in general player population is not as high as volume of posts here indicates, and thus GBX is unlikely to invest in development of this feature.

Sorry, folks. My own pet theory is that GBX wants players to play with what they looted, not with what they ‘crafted’. I can’t prove it though.

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Considering how many time a feature like this has been asked for and ignored, I suspect you’re right.


Well by this logic what does any player NEED? Players don’t NEED a mini map. Players don’t NEED individualized loot pools. Players don’t NEED improved gun mechanics, sliding, climbing, etc. Should we just get rid of all of it?

Re-rolling items would be a huge QoL feature, and it’s one that has proven successful in like every loot game that does it. Every other game in this genre gives players several means of acquiring specific items other than just “find the item” to ease the RNG grind, Borderlands has to get with the times IMO.

I think the majority of the people that actually play the game into the end-game would be pleased by it.

Noelle said about a month ago that they are working on some ideas to fix the Anointments farming issue based on feedback, so I think something is coming eventually.

Players dont NEED anything. Its a game.

They dont NEED loot to drop as often as it does. Gearbox could LOWER drop rates, because players dont NEED them to be what they currently are.

So why are they what they are currently? Simple. Players LIKE it more now, than it would be if it were less .

My apologies though… i should have phrased my comment “The number of legit players who dont like to cheat who feel like they WANT to just to get the item…”

Rather than argue symantics, we should stay focused on ways to improve the game. If you are happy with how it is now, great. A system like this wouldnt affect you. You could 100% ignore the new Eridium RNG anointment machine and your gameplay would remain 100% unchanged.

The irony in your statement is that players ARENT playing with what they looted. They are leaving the loot on the ground (or selling it) because time and time and time and time again it doesnt have the anointment on it they WANT for their build.

For players to USE the items they loot, they first must WANT the items… for them to WANT the items, gearbox must create a system that drops items that are desired.