Why isn't there an option to abandon a quest?

It’s simple, obvious and practical. Please include the option to abandon quests. It’s especially obnoxious if you are given a quest specific weapon. The weapon is in your inventory; can’t sell it, can’t drop it, can’t even put it in your stash. It’s absurd.


There should be option for that, but why not finish the mission?


At one point we were able to hang them on the wall. Are you sure they even take up the inventory slot? I feel they should be treated the same as the gun-gun.

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Let’s say you are leveling up your 3rd Vault Hunter. You grab a side-quest and start working on it while doing the main quest. You then remember this side-quest has multiple steps and don’t feel like running around The Droughts anymore, so you continue on with the story. Next thing you know, you are several chapters down the line and still schlepping the quest-weapon that’s 13 levels out of date.

Though its_e_potter gave an excellent reason, just want to add a few more possibilities to the list:

  • You realize you want the gear reward of the mission, but since you can only get 1 of them in a non-random fashion per playthrough, you’re waiting until level 65 to complete it, however far away that is. More applicable when already on TVHM but still.
  • You were aiming for “efficiency” so you grabbed every quest icon you came across so you didn’t have to go backwards to grab them later, figuring you’d complete any where you happened to be near an objective for them. You never happened to be near the objective for it.
  • After snagging it you remember what the side mission is and you find the story for it to be asinine or annoying and as such you never want to complete it. Ever. The rewards aren’t worth it and / or the story is just that annoying. It happens.

I’d argue the following should be true, though of course I know it’ll never happen

  • You should have the ability to abandon quests
  • You should have the ability to redo quests. You’re rekilling bosses so there’s no continuity issues with doing so. The icon for grabbing redo quests should be different from when originally issued.
  • All quest objective zones or markers for quests you have should be on the map at all times albeit in a different color / shading than your currently marked “active” quest, that way you don’t accidentally walk right past something you need only to realize it hours later and have to travel back to a zone and fight all the way through it due to only 1 fast travel point being on the map

Just my 2 cents.


All great points here.

But this:

is a huge one. Though tangential to my OP, it’s still relevant.

There is so much terrible dialogue in this game, but a couple of side-quests are enjoyable and I will try to do them every time. ‘Buff Film Buff’ being one.

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How about this? I have a quest that is “broken”. I am supposed to talk to an NPC but they won’t show up. This makes the quest step “unbeatable” and therefore, stops progression on the whole questline. Annoying if a sidequest, unacceptable on a main quest.

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Multiple. Quest. Markers.
At. A. Time.

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When I first realized quest guns just hung around in your backpack (in BL2) I was grumpy and wanted to be able to drop the quest also.
But when I realized that quest weapons do not count against your backpack carry limit, I felt better and just ignore 'em.

But I do still get annoyed at a quest I picked up accidentally (Tannis’s robot parts quest in BL1, for example, I often pick that up by mistake) hanging around in my quest list, being able to say forget it would be nice.

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BL2 let you ignore quests, which hid them but didn’t remove them. Not sure what happened to quest weaponry.
We should be able to quit quests, or replay them, but I guess that would be extra coding and gearbox didn’t care enough to make the game more fun. Being able to see all the quest markers at once, even just on the map, should definitely be an option. You might not want it all the time (like if doing many quests and the markers block the map), but you definitely want it sometimes.