Why isn't there Cross Save?

I get if there isn’t cross platform of course but I fail to see how there isn’t cross save. Two reasons is because:

  1. Borderlands 3 is now on steam. Destiny 2 implemented cross save AS SOON as it came on steam. Fortnite has cross save even on the Epic Store, so I don’t get why Gearbox can’t do the same. Maybe like a one time transfer and that’s all you can do.

  2. Gearbox has the SHIFT program that has your gearbox account on it along with your borderlands data, they could easily have it to where you can link your SHIFT to another system to play borderlands on there.

These 2 reasons are why I find it confusing. I want to buy it for PC so I can play with my friends but don’t want to buy it if it means I have to restart my WHOLE progress over. I think they should implement cross save, but if you own dlc items on another sysyem, you can’t use it unless you have the dlc. It would be fair.

There should definitely be a cross save option. I always want to try completely new builds at max level but I’ll be damned if I’ll suffer through the story yet again so I’d love to just copy a lvl60 , rename and be good to go, just like in BL2 and TPS.

Just as a note though, if you are thinking of going over to PC, you can really easily just download a save for the character and level you want. Might even be able to find one with similar progression (side missions and challenges etc). Switching to another console is a different ballgame though.

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Wait I can download a save? I didn’t even know that thanks. Still I think they should add cross save in case someone wants THEIR progress if you know what I mean.

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