Why it would be great to be able to select which Episode plays in OPs

First of all, you could play again in order if it got mixed up by doing it online with other players.

Second… I would like to stick to the playthrough no. 5 in the demon bear… for reasons (you know why if you played it)

I hope there will be a feature for this in the future… cause I don’t know if the “skills” of the Boss in the Friendship Raid are Dependent on the No. of Playthroughs, same goes for the Battle School Boss…

I know it’s not OPs Point related, but like I said, I’m not sure if that’s what changes the bosses.

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In “Friendship Raid,” Thaddeus does indeed have extra toys depending on the story version you get. I can’t remember when things start to go off the rails (geddit?!)

From what I’ve noticed, “Battle School” is completely random. You’ll always fight a sentry of some kind, but which one seems to be a complete dice roll.

I agree. I’m not so much worried about picking the boss I’m fighting as I am about going back and getting story I missed. I love the humor of this game, and I really hope we can see this feature come about since I missed quite a bit of the story on Attikus and Toby.

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