Why keep playing BL3?

Why keep playing BL3? I have payed for season pass 2 and all the extras buying the super deluxe edition and yeah, it was fun for a year and the events were cool but what effort is actually being put into the end of 2020 and beginning 2021? New event is ■■■■, no new DLCs so far, no new cool content and new skill trees are not worth the effort. I’ve spent a year getting all the best stuff, banking all the gear for my Clan and supporting 70+ players. Where is BL3 going? Not down the toilet I hope.


In BL2 after years i still hzd stuff to do… Even now there stuff I haven’t played yet. Just trying to finish OP levels solo kept me playing for months…

BL3… Before first DLC i already had great weapons and didn’t have much problems with highest difficulty…
Not counting DLC 5 I’ve seen everything this game has to offer and can solo TTD on highest “difficulty”

I actually went back to playing BL2 again… BL3 does play smoother but that’s about it…

And with last update to BL2 there’s 2 new OP levels to clear :joy:

So indeed, why keep playing BL3?


Outriders is coming out soon, looks like destiny/borderlands/anthem had a baby. It has that slapstic gritty humor that BL3 didn’t quite execute.

Made by the studio that made Brutal Legend and Bulletstorm!


Today’s notes were underwhelming, my friends have moved on, and I’m still dealing with the same crashes and issues since the launch of the Series X (in addition to all of the problems from before).

I guess I can come back in seven years. But honestly, I have lost faith in the company. There would have to be significant improvements to the game, and they don’t have a Y2 plan, much less hope of a Y7 one.


i only have one word for an answer: mods

they are decent now but there will be custom end game balance that is good in my opinion in half a year or so

you can check redux mod and grimms rescale mods


This is a good question. Now what? Is the game effectively complete (barring the mysterious DLC6)? Will there be future content? There appears to be a market for it.

Ball is in Gearbox’s court, yet they are strangely quiet.


Yeah…we shelved the game months ago. The console crashes and the the terrible split screen implementation made the choice for us to quit playing pretty easy. Was hoping that after the initial Season Pass was complete that GBX would spend some time actually fixing community issues and bugs that have plagued this game since it released but instead took a different path of releasing a Fortnite/PUBG clone and continued with their minimal fixes, ie: buffs and nerfs.

As @thepersonwithaface stated Outriders is coming out in the future and if it doesn’t crash my console it is already a win. Granted it doesn’t have split screen but would rather not have it at all then a company put in a beta half@ssed version.

BL1, BL2 and BLTPS fill my borderlands needs just fine. Would of been fine with BL3 if it performed as well as the other entries.


Dw you’ll have to redo that all over again when they’ll drop a new unsollicited level cap with dlc6, farming is content in this game :woman_shrugging:

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I read about this to. Its out in April so i might be jumping ship soon if the reviews are good.

GB has lost its touch and its showing from there lack of support and communication. So i believe its time to move on to better stuff soon. If they want to drive there playerbase away or whats left if there doing a good job on that. So Outriders might be the alternative to what BL3 should be. I’ll wait and see tho.


Sorry for being that guy, but “their”, “there”, and “they’re” are 3 different things. Not a native English speaker here either :slight_smile: .

I’m pretty sure I’m not going to win that battle, but… Oh well.


I mean its not a live service title if you want a game with longevity you should pick up a live service title. I recommend ffxiv online that game is the tits.

If your talking to me thats ok bud i guess i post pretty lousy on here to begin with. I take no offense.

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I’m in it because for whatever warts it may have, it’s still the best single-player FPS in my opinion (BL2 was in this same boat until BL3 came out for me). I’ll dabble in others for some nostalgia or creepiness, but the whole time I’m playing other games, all I keep thinking is that the weapons are boring, the movement is slow/weak, the enemies aren’t as varied, the crowds aren’t as dense, the environment isn’t as dynamic, there’s no end game (or it’s lousy), there’s one basic action skill…

Not being in it for farming, just some first-person shooting while juggling as many or as few skills as I’m in the mood for, against as many or as few enemies as I want, in bite-size chunks or all-night marathons, with ten functionally different characters, each of whom have anywhere from three to twelve of their own viable builds, with a range of difficulty options that I can choose on the fly… I hit 6K hours in BL2 doing the same thing and only stopped because BL3 came out and took all that up a notch.


Here’s what i did: I stopped playing.

At some point you have to realize that this game will never become the game you want.
I dont liked TPS and BL3 was periodly fun, but I believe I’m done with this series. If BL4 will come out Im going to pass the first year of beta for sure…


I stopped playing but have hope that Gearbox will add content that is fun and that will draw me back in. After new content (Raid Bosses mainly) I have hope that they’ll fix their game, albeit very slowly is what I expect, but nonetheless fix it.

As a die-hard Borderlands fan, I feel really weird having near-zero enthusiasm for the game in its current iteration.


I stoppped playing. Gets boring and repetitive. Needs more endgame content.


I stopped playing because unlike all the other games in my collection for some reason my console simply doesn’t like to play BL3. After a few locked screen and my console being stubborn to the point of shutting down completely I took the hint.


The year is 2020-2021, people with consoles from the year 2013 believe the soft wares made in 2020-2021 should run on their 8 year old hardware.

The year is 2021, people still think using un-popular options like ultra-wide monitors should have ultra wide fixes baked into the soft ware.

The year is 2021, we are not allowed to engage in hardware wars.

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The year is 2019 and people foolishly purchased a game that was advertised to work on the console they owned.

Little did they know that the package for which they bought the game, the advertising, presentations and even the companies own website stating the game would work on their console was nothing more than an elaborate hoax brought about by the Illuminati.

Next up…convincing people that the moon isn’t made of cheese but bbq spare ribs.


The year was 2020 and the same kind of games were still released. Who knows what 2021 will bring :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

(this is not a defense of BL3; more a comment on the state of the industry)

To the thread, I mean, it’s a video game. Play it if you like it. Don’t play it if you don’t, or are prevented in some way. I don’t play any BL game anymore except for 3, and 3 has taken a recent backseat to Hades. These things happen.

Seems to me that the OP asked a loaded question based on their lack of desire to play the game. A better one would be “what keeps you / what stops you from playing”, though honestly with a lot of here I know before I read the post what it would be. Most likely folks would with me as well :slight_smile: