Why limiting the safe size is a bad design after all

What the safe limited size add :

  • Force players to make choice and abandon old items.
  • Force players to farm “again” to get previously lost item if needed on another template or character.
  • Limit the size of the savegame, for the cloud feature mainly.
  • Make players play longer, because the spend a lot of time in their inventory.

Problems :

  • players don’t always want to decide what to keep and some prefers collecting items.
  • long time farming can be overwhelming and boring for players especialy after a patch nerfing good items and upping bad ones (we abandon previously)
  • Players create rerolls to add inventory space, adding more wasted ko to the savegame just for 40 slots and adding a lot of create/leave game for item management.
  • Still a lot of boring inventory micromanagement, comparing items with not so good interface.

Diablo3 and Destiny 2, had the same problem at launch and both had to find a way to compensate that, and in both case they tell us it’s not an easy task.
Path of Exile or grimdawn don’t have this kind of problem.
Every player of this kind of game can tell that the inventory management is boring, it’s fun to find a better item, even trashing old one, but only if we can keep both if both are good.

I remember in Borderlands 2, when I bought the Torgue arena DLC, even if the arena don’t interest me, but just because a L1 character can access the shared stash and his safe instead of leveling to L5 or 10 to sanctuary.

And the worst is that I’ll be agree to pay a little more for this feature, because the other alternative is to pause the game, waiting for the maybe future patch. And On Destiny 2, I never return, and never pay for the dlc.

Technically… I don’t understand why there is this kind of design.

The next stage will be third party software, extracting and merging items from characters save, introducing duplication and cheats…

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Playing through the first 7 levels multiple times to get to Sanctuary to create mules has made me hate the story even more than I did the first time.

Exponentially so. The true villain were the cutscenes we were forced to watch along the way.

I don’t think anyone on these forums will disagree with you about having more vault space. Some people will argue with you because they are contrary or they feel a moral imperative to defend Gearbox, but all of the reasons for low vault space are either player-hostile (force more farming, force game time through additional inventory management overhead) or purely technical (but seriously, if having a shared bank of 300 items has any significant effect on their save file sizes they need to hire new programmers).

I still don’t understand why Gearbox is still so hostile to collectors, whom are always a major player demographic of any looter. Like, we learned this lesson with BL2, why are we always starting from square one with Gearbox? Every other looter that tried the limited bank space thing have all walked it back and give players more and more space. Why are all the same mistakes made over and over again, with nobody learning?


I agree we need more space and the main problem here is that everything is shared with all of your VH. Id take a 10 slot shared stash, its used to transfer loot not to store weapons. Give me 100 slot of personal storage per VH and we call it a day.

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On a side note, it’s very easy to make a mule on PC.
Just copy paste you save game file! :slight_smile:

Here’s to hoping that if they don’t add more bank space, that they add a copy character button to consoles :laughing:

mule are annoying though…
probably losing 1 minute or 2, just to quit / load screens every time! … :confused: