Why Meltdown is better than Incursion (IMO)

How is damaging a sentry due to long respawn times luck?

Someone had to get killed because they made a mistake. Just like in Meltdown if I spam minion bots and just so happen to wipe the players on one lane I get some extra lucky points. Incursion players can use the same logic against meltdown.

You can compare a fat bot to a sentry…

You can use luck as a legitimate argument…

Not sure what matches you had where a fat bot killed everyone in lane… but I’m sorry… they were really bad players.

So you are telling me you never had matches at the end where a team won by stalling purposely on incursion or by last minute lucky wipes?

Just add…

Say if you did send a fat bot in a lane and the players did die that means you provided a hard push with your teammates. The enemy can come back and score points… unless you are talking about a fat bot came in for the final point which you provided that last hard push… that’s a good game

Literally every balanced incursion match I play now ends on who wins the teamfight with 1:30 to go. The first 28:30 have absolutely no impact on the outcome. If it isn’t balanced, it’s usually over in 5-10 minutes.

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No I’ve never seen a bot wipe a team but I’ve won games buy spamming bots and myself killing players at opportune times.

Just as I’ve won incursion by stalling, flanking, and wiping teams. Nothing is luck unless you are playing solo queue. That’s where luck comes into play.

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for the same reason that diving an opponent in meltdown is a bad idea and never works, but incursion has no strategy. anything showing faults in the other persons opinion is bad and/or wrong, while anything (however flimsily or biased) supporting ones own opinion is naturally correct

Not sure if you fully understood the post but I basically said maybe your games play better than mine … I just mostly experienced those last min shifts.

Since when did I say I didn’t agree? Are you not reading the posts again?

have you ever seen the butterfly effect, or rather, know what it is in general? you can’t have that last minute shift without those same shifts happening all throughout the game. that last minute push to win is an occurrence of your team getting enough of those shifts in your favor to push the enemy team back and/or lock them in spawn by getting those picks and giving you enough time to get enough damage for that win.

meltdown is more of a balancing act, you could even make a case that getting a pick is even more important due to it having heavier weight of effect since your team is split. clearing your lane with 1-2 of your opponents in spawn is a daunting state in meltdown because you now have to split 3 people across those 2 lanes where the opponent can afford to almost double team every person you have left and push the weak lane

I use to play incursion the most when I started the game and then shifted to meltdown. Mostly when I play incursion now I am just pubbing. Yea maybe there were little shifts but people remember the end of the match instead of those lil periods. I guess I just saw it as if one team was dominating in a match they should have won it opposed to the other team winning at the last moment. Like I said in the beginning though, I like both modes but just preferred meltdown for that specific reason.

he was probably lumping in a response to dwarfurious there, as that is pretty much exactly what he said.


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This is exactly the reason why I stopped contributing to this thread a while back. They are all opinions trying to pass as real facts. The real factis is that both modes are fun and skilled oriented towards different types of players. It’s also needless to say that Incursion is ranked as the most popular and used competitively in third party tournaments.


Uhh … “Quite the big ego on this guy” & "claims to know what everyone else thinks is good or bad " - you mean me ?

I’m asking , because I am not sure who you are referring to

I’m sure it was in reference to dwarfurious.

Did you know that the Sentry in incursion moves? Thats right, sometimes it moves into the line of fire for no reason, and you scream “NO SENTRY, GO AROUND THE CORNER SO THEY CANT SHOOT YOU ALL DAY” and the sentry ignores you.
You have no control over the sentry’s movements so if it decides it wants to stand in the line of fire it will.
What would you call this if not luck? Or are you going to say it doesnt happen in Overgrowth, the map so bad they had to physically change it
@hockeyswede31 how do you know that? claiming to know what everyone else thinks are ya?! thats a joke tho

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