Why? Might be time to move on

I’m really disappointed with this game right now.
First and last post.

The launch had a ridiculous amount of issues.
No point in farming at the moment.
The user interface is still garbage. How have they not gotten this right?
I ran one character all the way through, and have the majority of the planets at 95% completion on TVHM.
I figured I’d start a new character since my main character didn’t have much left to do.
Sat through the annoying intro. I still do not understand why we don’t have an option to skip this or cut-scenes. Do they think we really want to see all of this every time we play? Get over yourself.
I then accidentally select the wrong character. (because the UI is crap)

I’m really questioning why I should spend more time on this game. I might have to call it quits.


games are games, if they are not fun for you then you should move on to something that is fun.

It’s no big deal. I do this all the time if I don’t like things. I stop and do something I like instead.

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Completely agree as well.:+1:


of what?

I get your point derch, I really do. Don’t spend time on something you don’t enjoy is good advice.

But the thing is, this industry really pulls costumers leggs by allways overpromising and underdelivering. I also get the point of modern times, patches are a thing and deadlines have to be met. But if we allways move on and don’t complain we don’t have any influence on the way things are going to progress.
People should be vocal about obvious issues and dissapontment. It is Feedback. And let’s hope it’s beeing heard and taken to heart by developers and mostly publishers.
They can only go so far.

Bl3 is a good and enjoyable game, I got my moneys worth but I get people demanding good perfomamce and playability.
Bl3 is no where near a catastrophe as anthem, but it has issues and we should not devalidate peoples frustration by telling them to move on.
If you’ve got an argument with your partner, discouse is the way instead of abandonment.
Gaming is an important Hobby for most of us and we don’t want the industry devolving into absolute bs. So we speak up and communicate our concerns.


I didn’t say anything about not voicing ones opinion.

I have a whole YouTube channel where I do that.

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